Bulk Replace Text In Multiple Files In Windows 10 In Seconds

Bulk Replace Text In Multiple Files In Windows 10 In Seconds


The other day I needed to find a certain textual reference string within a file and replace that reference with some new words.Just FYI but a textual reference string is just a bunch of words but now you can sound technical.

But this file I needed to find was located in a folder with over 1,000 files. Needless to say I was not happy at trying to remember what file had this certain reference that I needed to find and replace. And since all of us use computer systems today to store our files, it would be great if there were applications that could easily find a certain reference or word within a file quickly so we can go on and live our lives.

Nevertheless, due to a some nice freeware applications, you can simply discover and edit comparable references of textual content in a file or a number of files in a matter of seconds. These applications are great for the regular computer user, webmasters, developers or anyone who wants to make a quick find and replace in one file or many files at the same time based on the words of its content. 

Techcratic did the work for you and tested the 3 best applications listed below to seek out and substitute textual content in a number of files in Windows 10.


1. Find And Replace Tool

The Find And Replace Tool is an open source tool to find and replace text in multiple files. It can quickly search through large numbers of files and also find the information using regular expressions. Let me rephrase that, this application is a powerhouse utility that will discover and substitute textual content in a number of information files in virtually no time. Measuring in at 180 KB (kilobytes), it’s a standalone program that requires no set up or configuration. The  Find And Replace Tool website also has an easy to follow tutorial section to help you understand and use this application right away.

Merely launch the  Find And Replace Tool application to search for your word(s), reference, or expression string, and within seconds the textual content string will be found.

This is Techcratic’s number 1 pick for a find and replace tool for you to use. Click here to download it now.


2. Search & Replace Master

Coming in second place but close to being in first place is another free application to use and that is Search & Replace Master. This is an easy to use search and replace utility loved by webmasters, programmers, and novice computer users alike. Search & Replace Master looks through multiple files for a string or pattern and can also replace it with another string or pattern faster than a bolt of lightning.

For example, a pattern is a string with at least one wildcard character in it. Such as http*.htm, or A*B*C. Being that the asterisk symbol * is the wildcard being used.

You can also use {$1} to reference the text that the first ‘*’ on behalf of. And use {$2} for the second and so on. And us techie people know how much Microsoft Word loves to insert it’s own HTML into it’s files but with Search & Replace Master you can also strip formatting from a Word generated HTML file to make it look clean and small. It can also do case sensitive or insensitive searches, and list the files where their filename matches a pattern. Click here to download it now.


Multiple Search And Replace

Multiple Search and Replace has a trial version to download and a paid version. The trial version is only for 15 days but if you need a utility to find and replace a word or a contextual expression in a wide variety of files then this is the one application to use. Once you are done using, just uninstall but if you like it you always have that option to support the developers and buy it.

This powerful utility can search and replace text in multiple files at the same time. It supports Text Files (various encodings also supported), Web Page Files (HTML, ASP, ASPX, PHP, JSP, and more web files), Microsoft Word Files, Microsoft Excel Files, Microsoft PowerPoint Files, PDF Files, Rich Text Format Files, Open Document Format Text Files, Open Document Format Spreadsheet Files, Open Document Format Presentation Files, Document File Names, Folder Directory Names, and Search in Compressed Archive File Types such as Zip Files, Rar Files, Gzip Files, Tar Files, and BZip2 Files.

Besides regular expressions, wildcards can also be used in your search. Plus the searches can have multiple search terms with different search operators. Multiple Search and Replace makes file search easy. Most likely the most comprehensively application with more options than the other 2 applications listed in this article., It employs the highly effective mixture of a number of search phrases and common expressions, coupled with search operators to seek out specified occurrences of textual content in a number of files with amazingly quick speeds. Click here to download it now.


In conclusion these apps will definitely save you some time from a very tedious operation such as finding and replacing text strings in documents. Here is a final example. I needed to replace some code in Techcratic’s webpages of over 25,000 pages and I used Find And Replace Tool to replace the text in seconds.

I hope this helps someone out in the inter web and if you have any comments or use a different approach let us all know in the comment section below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!


Image Credit: iconexperience.com