Track Your Health – The Letsfit Smart Watch Fitness Tracker IP68

Track Your Health – The Letsfit Smart Watch Fitness Tracker IP68

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Techcratic only recommends highly reviewed and well priced products so this quick review today is for the Letsfit Smart Watch Fitness Tracker IP68. And at first looks you would think it is an expensive fitness watch but it is only priced at $35.99 and it has a plethora of ways to track your fitness goals.

I am an iPhone user who doesn’t want to break the bank to purchase an Apple Watch just yet. I purchased this smart watch since it is an economically cheaper alternative, and thus far I’m very happy with my purchase.


Please read on.


My first impression was that this watch looks a lot like an Apple Watch which, in my opinion, is a good thing. You can save yourself over $100.00 or more just by buying this Letsfit Smart Watch Fitness Tracker IP68 for only $35.99! Well actually $34.19 since there is a 5% off coupon with this watch and free shipping at Amazon and a 12 month warranty when you sign up on the Letsfit website for the extended warranty.

And as I stated most of the other brand name smart watches are priced anywhere between $129.00 and $249.00 and up, such as Apple, FitBit, Garmin, Samsung, etc. So you are saving quite a bit of money by purchasing this smart watch.


Picture of the Letsfit Smart Watch Fitness Tracker IP68


When I received this smart watch and wore it, the first thing that I noticed is that it’s very lightweight, smooth, and comfortable to wear. Previous to purchasing this Letsfit Smart Watch Fitness Tracker IP68, I had a larger Fitbit that was uncomfortable to wear, so I ended up not using it at all. I didn’t wear a fitness watch in some time until I came across the Letsfit Smart Watch Fitness Tracker IP68.

But it’s been very easy getting use to wearing the Letsfit Smart Watch Fitness Tracker IP68. In fact I’ve been wearing it for a couple of weeks, and I actually forget that I have it on most of the time.

And with over 9,000 reviews and counting and the customer base being satisfied at over 65% I figured why not purchase this watch and see if it really delivers on what it says it does.

Let’s get right into the pros and cons.


1. Touch screen is very responsive and accurate. The gestures (swipe, tap) are intuitive and easy to learn.

2. Battery life is EXCELLENT, which is a major concern with smart watches. I wore this for almost a week on one charge.

3. The charger is easy to use and fast. I like the way the charger magnetically sticks to the watch.

4. Watch notifications work well with Apple iPhone 11. I have the watch set to notify me when I have calls and texts, and this is very helpful when my phone isn’t right next to me.

5. The VeryFitPro app syncs with Apple Health to record steps, sleep, etc.

6. Step counter seems pretty good—at least close enough for someone just wanting to make sure I’m up on my feet throughout the day.

7. While the watch doesn’t have a lot of options for the face styles, I like the default one a lot!

8. The comfort of this watch really does deserve a second mention. It is very comfortable to wear.


1. Notifications on watch (for calls and text messages) aren’t aesthetically pleasing; they look a bit like old DOS command lines. However, they are absolutely functional, so this doesn’t bother me too much.

2. The VeryFitPro app can be a little confusing because of translation issues. This app is obviously made by non-native English speakers. If you know what you’re looking for and what to expect from settings in a smart watch, it’s easy to overlook the clumsy English, but the language could trip up some users.




This Letsfit Smart Watch Fitness Tracker IP68 has surprised me greatly. I would have rated this watch higher but I don’t give 5 star ratings unless there are no cons to a product. So it had minor cons and I rated it a 4 but I see it more as a 4 to a 5 rating if it didn’t have any cons.

I think it’s a great affordable option for someone who wants a smart watch but doesn’t have the cash flow currently to buy an Apple Watch or even a Fitbit. I mean this watch is not a lot of money for A LOT of functionality that it has. And Techcratic highly recommends this Letsfit Smart Watch Fitness Tracker IP68 to our happy visitors so they can save money.

Let me say that again – this watch is Highly Recommended!

And you can see more of this watch for yourself at Amazon by clicking here or buy it now at Amazon by clicking here.


Hey thanks for stopping by and I hope you pick up this watch and achieve all your fitness goals. Have a great day!


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