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UFO Sighting in Vancouver, British Columbia on 2018-01-04 14:50:00 – I will start with the videos i filmed. had a lot of issues with the camera while filming. plus the addition of documentation to show comparisons.

UFO Stalker
2020-09-11 13:33:54

The information i am providing here has the incident that occurred on january 4, 2018 as well as photographs with descriptions in a video format. the photograph video titled ufo's in vancouver skies 2003 to 2012, is being posted here to show some of the objects i have captured with my camera. it also shows some photographs that are being provided for comparisons to the red silent object shown in the first two postings of videos. the third post will give some outline of what i initially observed when i had no camera handy.
the first two media files are the videos of what i could capture on film. the rest is provided to both show the objects i have captured in photos and also to provide some comparisons between those photographed and the red silent object.
file 1. in the first video clip i was facing east and the object is traveling north at 2:51 pm on january 4, 2018. pay particular attention to the portion of the clip where the object seems to go into a white cloudy area. at that time the tree in front of my house began looking like there was a white mist surrounding it. take note of the fact that the area of the tree that is below the level of the apartment building behind it has no mist.
file 2. in the second video clip the object is now traveling west. this film was taken at 2:53 pm. i was having trouble with my camera. you can now see the red silent object is a much deeper red than it was initially. you can see the object now has a different shape. during the blurred sections you can see the cigar shape take form but the remainder of the time the object has now got a raised section on the back end of it. i had thought of removing all of the blurred sections but then i realized that the initial object i saw was the same shape as this object is in the blurry sections. sure relieved thati did not trash the blurred portions.
i mentioned the initial shape of this object being a cigar shape. this is where i have to provide the information in a different manner.
the next post is titled ufo's in vancouver skies 2003 to 2012. there are portions of what is in this file that are relevant when looking at the comparison's later.
i'll post the rest of the prepared information and come back to the discussions of what i've posted so far, at a later time.
the next file was prior to the sighting of the red silent object and was the first photograph i took while trying to check the settings on my new second hand camera. the first photograph of the harbour has a pink cloud. it was a cloudy day in the middle of the afternoon. i did not realize it until much later that what you are able to see is not other photograph in this group has the pink cloud visible. only the first photograph has it. i have seen many pink clouds in the sky both at sunrise and at sunset but this pink cloud was photographed at 2:18:02 pm. the sun was no where near that cloud. none the other photographs taken of the harbour that day have a pink cloud in them. the following shows a few things about what occurred when this object was traveling east.This section is the 3rd section in the series and it covers sightings that have occurred in my lifetime for which i had no videos or photographs. this section is the one that puts focus on most of what i saw as the shapeshifter i have titled the red silent object, as it traveled southeast and then east on january 4, 2018.
what occurred here on january 4, 2018 at about 2:50 pm is by far the most intriguing. i must say i was not prepared for what i experienced. while sitting at my computer i looked out my only west facing window. at first i thought i was looking at one of the very large helicopters that are used by companies to transport a fairly large group of people. when it got past the first roof of our building and was no longer in sight, i thought it was gone but then i saw it traveling east and it went straight over the section of our building where my apartment is located.* the red silent object was very large and looked to be made of pink granite. i have added a painting that resembles what i saw when it was traveling over our apartment building. (see media file 5) . the thing that is missing from this painting is the carved layers present in the body of the craft. my artistic abilities do no allow for a drawing the reflects that portion of the object.*
it had what looked like window frames along the side that also looked to be totally granite but there was no window just what appeared to be solid granite. i was able to search the internet and find something that would allow me to show what the windows looked like. the one difference between the windows shown here and the windows on the craft is the manner of the carvings on them. the windows on the red silent object were carved into the body of the craft, whereas the window sections i show here have them raised from the body of the craft. ( see media file (6)
* it was a large pink unidentified flying object about one and a half times the size of a city bus.
* this object made no sound and it looked like it was floating in a forward motion. it was a pink coloured granite and it was traveling south east moving directly over our building.
the red silent object was one i saw up very close but as i had no camera readily available i was only able to film it from a distance. i called it the red silent object and when it was no longer in my sightline i ran to get my camera and turn it on while hurrying to my balcony. i knew i needed to film what i was seeing and hoped this object would move in such a way that i would be able to film it.
next file i have added shows the shapeshifter series in ufo's in vancouver skies 2003 to 2012.

i have had comments made to me regarding the red silent object is a plane. as this route is one used by seaplanes, i filmed a seaplane traveling in the same direction and in the same area and enlarged it on a graph.
i did the same thing with the red silent object and have added it for comparison.
on july 24, 2005 i photographed the shapeshifter series. i previously posted the section that has this series in it. it’s titled u.F.O.€™s in vancouver skies 2003 to 2012.
i’ve used a graph to get the basic shape of the only photograph that was a clear enough picture to be able to define what it’s shape is. i’ve added all three into one section that has the graphs together.
there is one more thing in this photograph that is the same as in the red silent object but i’m not addressing it at this point.

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