A Flying Light: UFO's in El Paso?

A Flying Light: UFO's in El Paso?

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A Flying Light: UFO’s in El Paso? El Paso is no stranger to UFOs. In 2017 alone, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) reported 6 UFO sightings. We would love to hear …

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    Wow⁉️🛸🇨🇷. 21/10/2019 in the mountain of Tarbaca. Great, when there are a lot of persons that tell the truth😍

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    Nov 2nd. 2018, around 5:30 PM, I was driving by I-10, close to Basset Center, and my son told me "look, there is a UFO over there" I looked by the window and saw something silver, I thought it was a plane, I looked back to the road, then when looked back to the window and that thing was gone, my son said that he slowly vanished.

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    Relaxing at memorial park and I can see what I think is a balloon…but it's flickering and hasn't gotten out of view for almost 30 mins. It's like an orb light …reflecting the sun…and whatever is spinning around it is making it flicker.

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    My home town 915 . Alligator at the plazita. Seen some crazy shit about 20 years ago. Off Rojas. When nothing was out there

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    In 2010 from the backyard of my house in NE EP we saw something strange over Transmountain. It lasted for almost 20 ish minutes what we saw. I’ll never forget that night due to how crazy it was! We called the non emergency number to report it but ultimately ended up reporting it on the MUFON website back then. Being that the air field is nearby I’m not sure of what i saw and have always been curious to find out if it was just an awesome experiment from Ft. Bliss or something else. I ended up joining a local paranormal investigation group to help me understand all of EP’s mysteries but that one remains an “unsolved mystery”!

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