UFO Sightings in Colorado

UFO Sightings in Colorado

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How can you talk about Space and not talk about UFOs? In the latest installment of Spaced Out we venture to Hooper, Colorado (Population of 105) to …

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    Some Humans put all that alien stuff in their yards..just like some of the stone age peoples did on Petroglyphs.
    Human behavior hasnt changed much in that sense.Lol.

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    You know they're fake if these people are already obsessed with the idea of aliens existing with alien based stuff all over their office and house.

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    I'm not sure that we need to be afraid of ETs. Their Tecnology may be centurys ahead of ours, when it comes to space travel. It doesn't mean that they have weapons that are very advanced to hurt us. They may be peaceful and simply choose to avoid us. We're destructive and violent. Why would they want to contact us?

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    you word need to see this UFO Cobby Badger world needs to see this Best Photos and Video of a UFO in the Word !

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    How convenient right after you open people show up and start seeing uFo's and you make $$$ and people start smoking weed and listening to Joke Rogan! Study Physics and astronomy in college not by watching YouTube videos.

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    Hot water wells? No wonder we have all those dang UFO?'s here at Mineral Wells,Texas! πŸ‘½

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    All of these UFO lights are military aircraft and people like to report them to get attention. I moved to Northern California two decades ago and lived near a large military base. During my evening jogs at a school track, I would often see hovering red lights in the sky. Sometimes they would be in groups of five hovering over a large area of the ocean in plain sight and you could see them close as you drove on a long bridge over a bay. THEN one of them would zoom really fast, faster than a shooting star, without any sound, and then vanish. I have witnessed at least ten of these zooming "shooting stars" over the years. It's really impressive and you think it's something out of this world, but they are cleary military aircraft, possibly unmanned. Should I call the news and they make a video about me too because I have the same exact story but ten experiences?

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    I usually fly between LAX and JFK. Once the plane enters Colorado airspace, I see lots of weird lights. Once during Christmas in 1990's, I was flying a red eye UA to JFK, and as we enter Colorado airspace, the aliens were singing "Hark The Angels Sings!" I nearly leap out the seat, the most frightening experience. No! It did not physically sing but like most experiencer can tell you, the song came into your head, as clear as day! I guess the aliens were celebrating Christmas around that area. Good for them!

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    This lady reminds me of the sweet slightly unkept women in the movies who lives by herself in the middle of nowhere…. sooooo happy to see a face and have company! Like " Hi sweety aren't you a sight for sore eyes… it's a scorcher today you must be thirsty come inside and I'll fix you up an ice cold glass of lemonade… oh don't mind the dead girl on the couch, she was a baddy!!! she didn't believe in my little friends…You believe don't you!?"πŸ˜΅πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ’―

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    I’ve been taken in a ship when I told them in the name of Jesus Christ release me you have no power over me I am covered by the blood of Christ the next thing I knew I was back in the grass Laguna Beach , Ca they are demons a year later my nose started to bleed and a metal object object fell out it had been implanted in me without my knowledge. I saw others children held captive in the ship when I was in it and there are reptilians who walk among us and if you pray about it β€” I have seen one they are very tall ugly and very angry when spotted as their sheiks failed or they wouldn’t have been seen. Only once did I see a reptilian she was working at a children’s store when her shield failed I checked later she quit after the day I had saw her. I am clairvoyant also saw children playing in the forest when I was 8 at an old grave site I later found out

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    It is obvious that any alien visitor would have to have not only greater intelligence than humans to be able to travel such distances but also have evolved differently. The dinosaurs were top of the food chain before a meteor wiped them out at one time. The idea that these aliens look like the character from Spielberg's E.T. is laughable.

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    Simple they are definitely real but not what anyone thinks. They are devils and unclean spirits to keep people on rabbit trails. Satan is mocking us and keeping us doopid.

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    Abducted twice that I know of…πŸ›ΈπŸ›ΈπŸ›ΈπŸ‘½ Once in Boulder county 2003.

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    This sounds like a great promotional stunt video for her business! But I'm not mad at her for it.

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    I wish I could see something like these because I do believe there are other beings out there

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    It's us,from future,lol,I always had this thought,like the ancient ppl have carving of jets n such,well ok ppl can guess n have imagination,but I feel that when a jet does a sonic boom or who,they rip or tear threw space time,just for a sec n go back n time n the ancient hear it n look up n c the jet or plan or whatever go by,just for a sec,n freak out n rec it…

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    Oce I saw a UFO shoot something out the back in lesow one night but then it jus zoomed off in light speed

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    What would you think and feel if you seen a multi colored vessel come into this valley from the south mountains and take about ten minutes to find what it was looking for which was a place to land because it did about 20 Miles from where I was standing with my daughter,never seen it take off but the next night it did the same thing only it didn't look around it went to that spot and landed again,so I go in and get the telescope to take a better look at it,well I can see it but I can also see 3 of the same type hovering over the lander,it did this 4 nights in a row,the only thing out there is cows, farmland and the Snake River,the 3 of us also seen one type chasing a ball of light we usually ignore,not no more. They don't all get along.im old and didn't even start looking into space till 4 or 5 summers ago and I'm 66 years old and from what we have witnessed it's pretty Ignorant for life to be asking if there is life out there when in fact we are life out here. If you don't believe it you haven't seen them because you sleep during the only time you can see out there. Therefore you hide it from yourselves and then blame the government for hiding what they hide,they do it because you don't really want to know it,because some of you wouldn't be able to handle it,trust me I know,as a matter of fact you don't want to believe what I just told you and you won't believe it until you miss an hour a night of sleep,and then when you do see them you can't stop loosing a lil sleep to see what's visiting us cause they are most likely the reason for not returning to the moon for 50 years.

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    not sure if this is a lie or coincidence…becos we only hear from personal experiences…not in general though, there are manipulation on media is taking place..

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