128GB mSATA SSD- 5030mm Mini SATA III 6Gb/s 3D NAND Flash Internal Solid State Drive for Gaming Computer, Notebook, Mini PC, Desktop PC (128GB)

128GB mSATA SSD- 5030mm Mini SATA III 6Gb/s 3D NAND Flash Internal Solid State Drive for Gaming Computer, Notebook, Mini PC, Desktop PC (128GB)

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Price: $22.99

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Model: mSATA 64GB/ mSATA 128GB/ mSATA 256GB/ mSATA 512GB /mSATA 1TB 

Read speed: 
64GB: 460-560MB/s 
128GB: 460-560MB/s
256GB: 470-560MB/s
512GB: 470-560MB/s
1TB: 480-560MB/s

Write speed: 
64GB: 250-300MB/s
128GB: 380-460MB/s
256GB: 380-480MB/s  
512GB:  390-490MB/s  
1TB: 420-490MB/s

Interface: Mini SATA III 6 Gb/s
Average Access Time: 0.15ms
Power Consumption:
Input Voltage:5V±5%
MTBF:>2,000,000 hours
ECC:Support BCH ECC 40 bits per 1024 K
Anti-shock:1500G(@0.5ms half sine wave)
Operating Temp.:0℃~70℃
Storage Temp.:-40℃~85℃
Intelligent error correction LDPC: Support
TRIM/ SMART: Support
Support: Low power consumption/ Environmental protection/ Zero Noise
Warranty: 3 years

Package Include:
1 solid state drive+ 1 instruction
[ Break the speed limit ]: Five capacity (64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB) mSATA SSD, International standard Mini SATA3( 6.0Gbps) interface (also compatible with Mini SATA2(3.0 Gbps) and Mini SATA(1.5 Gbps) interface), 30*50mm solid state drive, Read and Write speed of 128GB ssd can up to 560MB/s and 460MB/s, Break the speed limit of the HDD(100MB/s). Allows you to enjoy faster startup speed, five times faster running speed (file load speed, system response speed)
[ Small size, Strong function ]: Compared with the HDD, mSATA SSDs are smaller in size. SSD features shockproof, low power consumption, low heat, zero noise, shock resistance and easy installation. mSATA SSD integrates all functions on a small circuit board ( no moving parts), which increases storage capacity, saves space for other components, and protects ssd from data loss in the event of accidental collisions or drops
[ 3D NAND Technology ]: 3D NAND flash echnology are applied to improve data transfer speeds of ssd and overall system performance, reduce waiting time. Compared with 2D NAND ssd, 3D NAND flash SSD features higher performance and better power efficiency. mSATA ssd support 3D NAND Technology, TRIM command, Garbage collection technology, RAID, and ECC (Error Checking & Correction) function. Ideal for Mini PC, notebooks, Tablets PC and other devices with mSATA interface
[ Wide compatibility ]: mSATA solid state drive, SATA III 6 Gb/s protocol, 50*30mm in size, with low delay and fast read/write characteristics. It works on Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, and other common systems. It is suitable for mini pc, notebook, desktop PC, laptop, ultrabook, POS Machines, All-in-one PC, Advertising Machines, On-board Computers ect. It is recommended that you ask us before you buy, and we can tell you if the SSD is compatible with your computer
[ 3 year warranty ]: It is time to upgrade your old computer with our mSATA SSD. Needn’t buy a new one. Enjoy faster speed- download 1GB data within several seconds; Bigger capacity (up to 1TB)- store hours of your favorite 4K movies, tons of games, and thousands of photos. 3 years warranty- If you have any questions within 3 years after you receive the ssd, please contact us. We will try our best to help you solve your peoblem

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