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Pentagon declassifies leaked 'UFO' videos (VIDEO 3/3)

Navy video from 2015 and declassified by the Pentagon shows “unexplained aerial phenomena.” READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2StlffV The Pentagon has …

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    Wow u actually uploaded the whole video without cutting it up or having some news anchor talk about it. Thank you

  2. Avatar

    They probably released it to see if anyone would claim responsibility for what it was or is

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    werthy is my name

    Declassified?… ok and yet Religion is a form of control.

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    probably just parallax. high altitude bird go slow, higher altitude jet go fast, looks like bird goes fast.

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    Cam Boyett

    Ay bro watch yo jet watch yo jet BRO WATCH YO JET

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    Kenny Evans

    Afghanistan: 10 miles away the camera can read a license plate on some perps truck as it gets blown to bits.
    UFO: Switch to potato cam so we have no clue what we're looking at.

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    This is literally Stellaris and us being the primitive species that is getting scouted by a more sophisticated species….. Well lets get ready to get assimilated I guess…..

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    Reno Raines

    There is a US Navy patent on the anti gravity vehicle. Patent #US 10, 144, 532 B2. Dec 4th 2018. Look it up. It exits

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    El Razal

    How fast is this thing going? Does anyone have a clue?

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    NewModel N. 15

    Naaah thas no UFO…
    It's just Chuck Norris doing his daily "Cross Atlantic dash swim in 10min".

    pffff, UFOs pleaseee…

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    It’s iron man, he’s back

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    Armando Broncas

    They should have shot at the UFO. Could have been a hostile country.

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    This is literally a balloon. I can't believe how gullible msm is about these videos

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    Raven Plays

    I know to case ill brak it for you its a anti gravity craft i know how it shoots off too i faces its belly to it target a shoots off the you go 😇😉

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    Shoshanna Cohen

    Not impressed. 75 million dollar equipment brings a blurry ass video courtesy of US gov.

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    Andy Chu

    That’s a $70 Million dollar aircraft and that’s the best camera you can put on it?
    Our tax dollars at work.

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    Eitan Salama

    Whose here after the UFO’s Arrived 🤲🏼⛽️

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    Jericho Sharman

    Is that the whole video? Like seriously…. there is no more?

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