NBC Today Show on Texas UFO

NBC Today Show on Texas UFO

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The Stephenville sightings on NBC’s Today Show with Matt Lauer, Meredith Viera, Ann Curry, Al Roker, Natalie Morales. Matt and Al even say they believe in …

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    God hasn't told us anything, about UFO's or anything else. Why doesn't God tell us the cure for cancer? Cause God never talks, duh!

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    @booty1983 the vatican's main astrologist has said that he thinks extraterrestrials exist and, if they do, they are god's creatures too. (he also said that the church would like to baptize them… that just made me giggle though 🙂 )

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    If you really think we as humans are alone in the ever expanding GIGANTIC universe, you're mistaken.

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    S Cars

    I dont think that reporter was there at all. I believe he is a lier just trying to make us texans look dumb.

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    our government is going to start an interestellar war which we will loose…quickly

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    get your head checked . that's why there is mental institutions and doctors who would like to take your money to hear your "story"
    oh yeah layoff the crack, caffine, and the heavy marathons of star wars and star trek.
    probably wanna get a decent job and quit lying to yourself

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    This video was great! It is further evidence of the Today cast's hatred of Ann Curry.

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    i remember the phoenix lights
    i was like seven but then the local government just went like whatever lol

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    To be honest I have a feeling its more of the government testing something than it is an alien sighting. Mainly because if there were aliens who had the tech to come here and observe us w/o being noticed then chances are they wouldn't be seen so easily all the time.

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    If they want to be known, why would they show them self at such a far distance.. hell why don't they just land on earth?

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    Just because you believe in God doesn't mean aliens don't exist.

    Or, if God exists, doesn't mean it didn't create other life forms.

    God, stop being so simple minded about things. There is so much we still don't know about the universe; so much that has yet to be revealed to us.

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