Videos Of UFO Encounters Released By Pentagon | TODAY

Videos Of UFO Encounters Released By Pentagon | TODAY

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The Pentagon has released videos of what they are calling “unidentified aerial phenomena” filmed by Navy pilots over the last two decades, saying they are …

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    Witness testimony is relied upon to convict people and results in death sentences and long prison terms…

    Do we believe witnesses or not?

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    Just think…
    If the UFO conversation ever becomes a serious one…
    Clowns like these four won't be paid to talk about it.

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    I know to case ill brak it for you its a anti gravity craft i know how it shoots off too i faces its belly to it target a shoots off the you go 😇😉

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    Here South Africa the entire community (+/-800 people) of Zweleni near Ceza hospital saw UFO for days and anyone who's hungry for truth come …

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    It just a camera Pentagon borrowed it from CIA …

    The fowllwing infos are provided to human by ISIS secret researches office

    UFO boats can be dropped only if they enter our atmosphere, because when they encroach upon the violation of our surroundings, the flight physics of the astronomical nuclei colliding with the orbiting of the stars traveling in space change, because they are inside the ionic layer
    It cuts off the liquid electricity in the cosmic space vacuum and connects to + –

    Wireless electricity from ionic sphere to fill the engine which produces planet mass like moon and tie of sea ….

    Feelings of danger indicators of an external invasion from another creature that does not have any conscientious value for the history and conscience of human unity in the life of existence

    Right means are not materially and critically known except by a straight, valid path of truth and faith

    We live in world of light " solar system " or moon and sun timing the human date.

    There are Three else of global system worlds


    one continues devastated of what was high globalisation
    2nd is no a whisper or blink gives you a gravey of Horrific sens like the blue view of this freezing land

    Allah will be in our side

    Walking Bible

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    Alan S

    All types of aliens are demons. The godfathers of Ufology, Dr J Allen Hynek and Dr Jaques Vallee, both sceptics, under took a study for the US government, both concluded the phenomena is real, inter dimensional, not from space and demonic in nature over time. Look at the demonic 'spirit guide', Aleister Crowley summoned, Lam in 1918, its basically a grey alien, he said "today we call them demons, tommorow we ll call them something else" That something else is aliens.98% of all 'alien' encounters are horrific in nature and unwanted. Cattle mutilation (clues in the description). The horrific sexual assault in the 'examinations' and stealing the babies. They are all demons, period. Not our saviours or space brothers. No coincidence, when the name of Jesus Christ is invoked, the encounters end. Please understand there is a coming great deception coming with this alien phenomenon. Repent, ask God to reveal his son Jesus, believe he is Lord and God and died for our sins and is risen. John 3:16 King James Version (KJV)

    16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

    Watch "Aliens are Demons" on YouTube

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    If you wanna see something strange on YT type in. PM codemns “ Racist thuggery “ as right wing protesters attack police. BBC news. Now watch closely at around 4.20 ish over the right shoulder of correspondent Iain Watson , relays his report what looks like an orb appears to enter or pass into the tower of Westminster then moments later what’s seems like a separate entity streaks out of cloud right to left in the top left quarter of the screen. Now I’m not big in UFOs however the location is one of this ,as one of the most prominent buildings in Britain a major powerhouse in the world. Also given the occasion as for by the ongoing disturbances , lockdown etc Sat 13th of June which in case you live outside UK is a major occasion for the Saxe Coburg unt Gotha’s the The British royals to you and me , that queen has what’s called , trooping the colour near this location her birthday or some such , I’m not , particularly given to David Icke’s notion of lizards but this truly shocked me. WTF is really going on. Our they watching the crazieness unfold or delivering greetings to their cousins, the Windsor’s?

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    true story,,about the second week of may there was a orange moon ,,so as i was walking up my street i look up and seen the biggest ship just seem what was like sitting on top of the ..i mean this black oblong ship in which had to be over a 1,000 or more long was so massive with the front light up and i mean massive did not move a inch ,it was just hovering and i watched this think until the sun rose ,,the next night at the same time at 5;07 am the ship was gone ,,now here is the thing no planes were allowed to fly at all due to the pandemic,,this was a real ufo ,,,wonder if they were afriad to land due to virues reds

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    This same story was shared with everyone about two years about now its shared like it is a new story… you do the math. Wake up and see whats really going on. Many things are written in your bible. Read about the wheel within the wheel and about the angels.

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    we're hardly half way through the year and from what's been happening, i don't think we'll live to see 2021…

  11. Avatar hereby tells Pentagon I TODAY that I have some material WITH PICTURES and a story which is of great interest. Some is classified! I want it to be known because I´m afraid the time is tight. Extreme things have happened to me and have happened in our area and some other parts of Sweden. It´s still ongoing. Very sensitiv matters. I´m a civil eng. Chalmers T H Bridge builder. William Chalmers was an illuminati from Scotland. Chalmers UNIVERSITY is in Gothenburg. !963 I met with Jurij Gagarin who came to the school and I asked him did yoU see any green men up there? He and his politruks were laughing! The time was very tense then I was a sergeant and fire controller very motivated indeed. We had 1 million reaDY THEN WITH ONE MILLION IN tRAINED RESERV AND THE 4TH AIR FORCE OF THE WORLD WITH 1000 JETS ON 36 FLOTTILLAS. tHE MATTERS ARE SENSITIV AND RETALIATIONS MAY COME IF WE ARE COMING TO NEAR TO THEIR INSTALLATION. pROBABLY ELECTRO MAGNETIC DAMAGE. I would really be surprised if PENTAGON is unaware of the GHOST ROCKETS and the pollen king Gösta Carlsson and what he went through in Scania when he met with the ufo who had landed to repair the 17 m craft. thousands of reports came during the US a-bomb tests thet summer 1946 mostly to Sweden they went through the sound barrier and felled silvery missils into lakes and marshes where they dug into the underground the defence made great efforts to find them but couldn´t. I guess it was missils who could intercept nuclear attacks between Soviet and the US. The ET were afraid that the new cold war could lead to a full scale war.! The pollen king had a fantastic story to tell!

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    Jesus no need technology to make a miracles. I believe aliens its a satan conspiracy in order to make us far from our ENGINEER (GOD).. if someday aliens landed did you worship them? They are FALLEN ANGEL

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    SPOILER ALERT: its a bird. No seriously. Its actually a bird. These guys are idiots.

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    Wasn't Hillary Clinton going to disclose some info on UFOs? And they renamed them unidentified ariel phenomenons?

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    This human create for scary people's This is not alians the driver is human like us but we need think what is the secret behind of quarantine and Coronavirus!!!!

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