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Canon patents an Osmo-style camera with interchangeable lenses

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2020-12-28 14:39:04

Canon handheld camera


Of course, the design isn’t without its quirks. One of which is that the camera’s hot shoe (the component labelled “P” in the top diagram) would become unusable in the gadget’s selfie orientation. For a camera that’s built around vlogging, that wouldn’t be ideal; most external mics attach to a camera through its hot shoe. There’s also no mention of gimbal support in Canon’s documentation, meaning any stabilization would have to be provided by a potential in-body mechanism and through the lens. Using Canon’s full-frame glass would also come with a trade-off. RF lenses aren’t the lightest (or most affordable) you can buy, and the resulting camera likely wouldn’t be pocketable. 

As with all patents, this one might not lead to a product you’ll be able to buy. However, as Canon News points out, the company has filed five separate patents related to this design, which indicates it’s at least serious about the idea.

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