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PENTAX Monocular VM 6×21 WP – Complete Kit. Includes a Dedicated Smartphone Adapter and Macro Stand Together with a Bright and Clear 6X Magnification monocular with Excellent Optical Performance.

Price: $199.00

” 1. Effortless, single-handed operation Featuring a compact, palm-sized body, this model provides a non-slip, rubber-coated exterior to assure firm hold with either hand. Its seesaw-type focus adjustment mechanism assures easy focusing operation by the holding hand, allowing the user to observe a subject with one hand while trekking or hiking, or while carrying a bag with another hand. 2. Bright, clear view All reflective surfaces of the optical elements and prisms are fully multi-coated to prevent excessive reflection. Coupled with phase coating applied to the roof prism, this model boosts transmissivity and delivers outstanding imaging performance with a bright, sharp, high-contrast view of the subject with minimal flare and ghost images. 3.Dedicated accessories that greatly expand the use Using the monocular with the smartphone adapter “”V-SA1″”* will allow the user to observe a spectacular, magnified view of the subject on the phone’s screen and to save the images directly to the device. Also, by mounting a macro stand “”V-MS1″”, it can be used as a microscope with approximately 18 times magnification to observe an enlarged view of microscopic objects. When the object is dark due to the monocular shadow during observation, you can observe it while illuminating it with the built-in LED light. In addition, using it with “”V-SA1″” can significantly expand the range of use of the main unit, including the ability to shoot and save super close-up images. *Depending on your smartphone’s size and the position of the camera lens, you may not be able to attach it. 4. Washable, waterproof body Featuring waterproof construction* (equivalent to JIS Class 7; protected against immersion to one meter under the water), this model can be rinsed clean with water, and is usable under all weather conditions. * Not usable in the water. 5. Others 1. Wide range of focus adjustment (70cm to infinity), for close-range observation of nearby subjects 2. Exclusive carrying case, with a belt loop on both sides to facilitate access and storage from the users preferred side. 3. Tripod mount, for easy installation of a tripod without an adapter ”

AN EASY TO USE VERSATILE MONOCULAR. A new concept high performance monocular with outstanding design considerations making operation a breeze. In addition, the attached special accessories (macro stand and smartphone adapter) can be used to enhance the functions.
THREE WAYS TO USE ① 6x monocular with excellent optical performance ② 18x microscope with the macro stand (V-MS1) ③ Smartphone adapter (V-SA1) together with the monocular you can take picture of the magnified image.
HIGH OPTICAL PERFORMANCE AND SPEC. Special coating with excellent optical performance, high waterproof performance, minimum focus distance of just 70cm, rubber coating for extra grip, ergonomically designed to operate using just one hand. Compatible with tripods.
EXCLUSIVE ACCESSORIES (1) Attaching the smartphone adapter (V-SA1) allows you to capture an incredtibly detailed magnified image directly to your device. (2) By mounting the macro stand with LED light (V-MS1), it can also be used as a 18.1x microscope that can magnify and observe microscopic objects. Combining the smartfone adapter with the macro stand allows you to capture images in even more detail.
FULLY MULTI COATED. Multi-layer coating that enhances light transmittance and suppresses flare and ghosting is applied to all lens surfaces as well as the surface of the prism where the light enters.
PHASE COATING. The phase coating applied to the prism greatly improves the light transmittance. This suppresses any flare or ghosting, and achieves excellent image performance with bright, sharp, and high contrast.
WATERPROOF TO 1 METER. We have adopted a waterproof structure that can be washed completely with water, making it possible to be used under all weather conditions.

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