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Richard Dolan – Secret Space Program? MUFON 2017

Enjoy this clip from Richard Dolan’s MUFON 2017 Symposium Lecture. Sign up for the LIVE STREAM of the 2018 symposium FREE with MUFON TV!

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    Nukes are over 75 years old.
    I refuse to think that nothing deadlier or just as evil hasn't been invented since.

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    I still say that the only way to persuade the government is to let them have an honorable way out during the disclosure process.
    Right now the message we are giving them is this: " Disclose everything right now so we can prosecute you for treading on our rights!"
    That sounds logical… (sarcasm)

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    you guys at MUFON. My report has been deleted and Jerry my case file investigator ignores me (after HE emailed ME). Sure these actions do NOT make you look good in my eyes.

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    Ugh – they make you pay like $120 to get the full video at the MUFON site, as well as all of their other "featured" videos. I take it the money is used to fund the organization? They haven't been putting it to very good use, hosting only a few sane people like Dolan at the symposium while inviting a bunch of con-artists for the spectacle draw.

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    What's up with Dr. Steven Greer? Is he for real or a kid in adult clothing, or what? I hear different things about him and I'm confused and somewhat depressed over the conversations that I hear about him. At first I thought he was a well educated person on the UFO/Alien subject and now???. Can you help me?
    Mark Fox

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    I have no doubt that the US military is trying to "dominate" Earth's near space, but so are the Chinese and Russians. They all have plans to use it for strategic purposes and to deny the others from so using it. Eventually, this could lead to a "war" in near space that might then trigger war on Earth! Incredibly, the average citizen of any of these countries is kept as ignorant of what is going on as possible. Of course, those citizens are still expected to involuntarily fund, through taxes, all of these secret projects which they are supposed to unquestioningly accept as necessary for their "defense" nowadays. Meanwhile, as the major governments secretly prepare for a nuclear doomsday which could destroy all life on Earth, social programs like education, healthcare, medical research, poverty elimination, clean energy development, etc. have to be financially starved. Also, major tax cuts to help make the richest of the rich even richer don't help matters. It's a sad situation which will, I suspect, abruptly end when a global democratic socialist economic and political system sweeps across our planet by the middle of this century.

    I think remote viewing is real. But, maybe, only 1 in a million people can actually do it with enough clarity and reliability to provide useful information. The rest claiming to be able to do that are just, imo, delusional.

    At time 9:50 Dolan states that astronaut Edgar Mitchell was told by two of this "ultra elite" connections that the US had recovered ET technology and bodies. I'm sure that Mitchell accurately related what was told to him, but that does not necessarily mean what he was told was the truth. However, I do believe that it is true, but belief, without proof, is not knowledge. We need to have an official disclosure by the US government that will verify the ET/UFO reality is real and what the "Cosmic Watergate" criminal conspirators have learned about it over the decades. If they have ET technogy that could benefit humanity and it is purposely being suppressed, then, imo, that is a "crime against humanity" and those still living that played a role in it need to be prosecuted.

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    The Americans have a technology from aliens? So what is the problem. No one gives a shit on a technology no one can see. What they wanna make with this? Wasting time in space? Have a nice dinner with aliens? Discussing about god? No. They have nothing this idiots. That's why they shoot dumb ass oldfashioned rockets into space and not spacecrafts like Enterprise.

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    That means I know more than nasa and that is the most unbelievable thing I don't spend multi billions on space flight or nasa is the worst lier's in history next to the goverment you make your mind up which is which

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    Why won’t the government tell us about the extraterrestrials?!?!??
    Maybe because they have conquered us and are replacing us….and we cannot do a thing about it
    That’s why! Simple as that

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