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World Beer Index 2021: What’s the Price of a Beer in Your Country?

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What’s the Price of A Beer in Your Country?

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Although less people have been able to grab a beer at the pub during this pandemic, the global desire for beer prevails. For example, sales of the Corona beer actually shot up in the past year, despite—or perhaps because of—associations with the coronavirus.

This World Beer Index from Expensivity compares the average price of a bottle of beer in 58 countries in a detailed map. Additionally, we show which countries spend the most on beer per capita, and just how much beer people really drink.

Pricey Pints: The Average Price of a Beer

Researchers calculated the average price of a typical bottle of beer (330ml, just shy of a pint) from well known brands via online stores and statistics database Numbeo. In addition, local beer prices were pulled from hotel and bar menus, and average values converted to USD.

In Qatar, you’d have to shell out $11.26 for a single beer, which would surely make for a really expensive night out on the town. In part, this is because in 2019, the Muslim-majority country introduced a 100% excise tax on top the previous sales price of all alcohol imports.

These steep prices are aimed at tourists—and with Qatar hosting the 2022 men’s soccer World Cup, there’ll be thousands of visitors in the country looking for a cold one at any price.

Rank Country Capital City Average Price of a Beer
1 South Africa Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Cape Town $1.68
2 Ukraine Kyiv $1.76
3 Argentina Buenos Aires $1.79
4 Bosnia And Herzegovina Sarajevo $1.96
5 Ghana Accra $2.05
6 Tunisia Tunis $2.09
7 Georgia Tbilisi $2.30
8 North Macedonia Skopje $2.34
9 Chile Santiago $2.40
10 Czech Republic (Czechia) Prague $2.49
11 Rwanda Kigali $2.52
12 Brazil Brasilia $2.52
13 Haiti Port Au Prince $2.66
14 Colombia Bogota $2.72
15 Spain Madrid $2.74
16 Panama Panama City $2.74
17 Sri Lanka Colombo $2.77
18 Hungary Budapest $2.84
19 Armenia Yerevan $2.96
20 Indonesia Jakarta $3.17
21 Azerbaijan Baku $3.18
22 Guyana Georgetown $3.39
23 Bolivia Santa Cruz $3.42
24 Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan $3.44
25 Belgium Brussels $3.47
26 Turkey Istanbul $3.61
27 Malta Valletta $3.65
28 Belarus Minsk $3.72
29 Egypt Cairo $3.80
30 India New Delhi $3.90
31 Canada Ottawa $3.96
32 Austria Vienna $3.99
33 Wales Cardiff $4.06
34 Nepal Kathmandu $4.13
35 Scotland Edinburgh $4.18
36 Greece Athens $4.25
37 Philippines Manila $4.25
38 Poland Warsaw $4.37
39 Mexico Mexcio City $4.46
40 Lithuania Vilnius $4.55
41 South Korea Seoul $4.56
42 Netherlands Amsterdam $4.60
43 Germany Berlin $4.64
44 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur $4.74
45 United States Washington D.C. $4.75
46 Thailand Bangkok $4.82
47 Portugal Lisbon $5.06
48 Russia Moscow $5.08
49 Singapore Singapore $5.17
50 Denmark Copenhagen $5.20
51 Italy Rome $5.83
52 England London $5.97
53 Japan Tokyo $6.16
54 Switzerland Bern $6.23
55 France Paris $6.39
56 China Beijing $7.71
57 Jordan Amman $9.40
58 Qatar Doha $11.26

At just $1.68 per bottle, South Africa has the lowest average price of a beer thanks at least partially to cultural norms of buying in bulk.

Cashing In: The Per Capita Spend on Beer

The price of a single beer is one thing, but which countries spend the most on beer itself? Germany unsurprisingly tops the list here with nearly $2,000 of expenditures per capita, bolstered by its strong beer culture and annual Oktoberfest celebration.

Germany also prides itself on the purity of its beer—the vast majority of brewers follow the Reinheitsgebot, centuries-old purity laws that broadly state that beer may contain only three ingredients: water, barley, and hops.

World Beer Index 2021 - Per Capita Spend on Beer 820px
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Following closely behind is Poland, which spends $1,738 per capita. Meanwhile, the U.S. ranks eighth in the world for the highest spending on beer per capita at $1,554—beer is also the country’s most popular alcoholic beverage.

Getting Boozy: How Much Beer Do People Drink?

Using data from the World Health Organization, the visualization below also digs into how much beer is consumed around the world per capita.

The Czech Republic emerges on top in this regard, with 468 beers on average in a year—that works out to 1.3 beers per day. Spain and Germany are next with 417 and 411 beers, respectively.

World Beer Index 2021 - Per Capita Beer Consumption 820px
View the high resolution of this infographic by clicking here.

On the flip side, people in Haiti only drink about four beers yearly. This may be because they prefer something a little stronger—97% of alcohol consumption in the nation comes from spirits such as rum.

Beer has been around for over 7,000 years. No matter the price of a beer in your country, it’s worth raising a glass to the timelessness of this humble beverage.

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