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Microsoft Revamps the Windows 10 Clock to Its “Sun Valley” Version

Simon Batt
2021-02-28 13:05:11

The first hints of the massive Windows 10 revamp are making their way to you.

WIndows 10 Sun Valley Alarm Clock

As Microsoft builds up to the big Sun Valley revamp, the company is slowly rolling out smaller updates that reflect the new visual changes that it has in mind. While these changes were originally Insider-only, Microsoft is now pushing a new alarm and clock app onto the main branch of Windows 10.

A Hint of Sun Valley, Now on Windows 10

MS Power User spotted that a Sun Valley-related update from the Insiders branch has made its way onto the main version of Windows 10. This means that everyone running Windows 10 should eventually get this update if they haven’t got it already.

The update revamps the native alarm and clock apps to align with Microsoft’s stylistic choices for the Sun Valley revamp of Windows 10. We still don’t know a huge deal about Sun Valley or what it will look like, so this small update can be considered a small hint of things to come.

For instance, the new alarm app now uses the Sun Valley style for selecting numbers. We first saw this stylistic choice back in January 2021, and now these changes are slowly making their way onto Windows 10.

What Is Sun Valley?

If you’ve never heard of Sun Valley before, it’s the codename for a huge visual revamp for Windows 10. Microsoft is coming to terms that the operating system hasn’t had a sweeping visual touch-up since its debut and now aims to bring Windows 10 up to modern-day standards.

How will Microsoft revamp its flagship operating system? It’s hard to say at this stage. At the time of writing, we don’t have any information past a few rumors and a handful of screenshots. We don’t even have an exact timeline of when your copy of Windows 10 will make the jump.

However, given that Microsoft has now pushed out the new Sun Valley alarm and clock apps to everyone’s PCs, the revamp will likely not be one huge update that applies itself overnight. We may see more of these small snapshots of Sun Valley arrive on our PCs before Microsoft decides to push the overhaul’s major components.

Sun Valley, Coming Sooner Than You Think

While we’re still in the dark about what Microsoft plans to do with Sun Valley, we’re seeing small nuggets and hints come down the pipeline as the software giant prepares for something big. Keep an eye on your Windows 10 clock and alarm app in the coming days as the update rolls out worldwide.

Of course, we may simply be seeing the first signs of “the new Windows” update coming soon, which a prolific Microsoft leaker hinted at very recently.

Image Credit: foxaon1987 / Shutterstock.com

New Windows
Microsoft Leaker Hints at “the New Windows” Coming Soon

It might be Windows 10X, Project Sun Valley, Version 21H1… or something else entirely.

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