<span class="bsf-rt-reading-time"><span class="bsf-rt-display-label" prefix="Reading Time"></span> <span class="bsf-rt-display-time" reading_time="1"></span> <span class="bsf-rt-display-postfix" postfix="mins"></span></span><!-- .bsf-rt-reading-time -->Two Black UFOs Over Washington DC On Dec 11, 2020, UFO Sighting News. MUFON.

Two Black UFOs Over Washington DC On Dec 11, 2020, UFO Sighting News. MUFON.

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UFO Sightings Daily
1 month ago

Hey please remember to hit subscribe, thanks and have a good weekend, SCW.

Jacob Segroves
1 month ago

its almost like the aliens said "what can we conceal ourselves with to look mundane or invisible?" and they chose balloons….shapeshifting balloons. no wonder why scientists still say balloons. These amorphous objects are hardly recognizable by people. its like they chose the perfect thing to remain unknown or obscured because these are not balloons my friend. they appear as foil balloons floating because of no signs of propulsion. yet, they bubble and morph…like they are superheated by the sun. I wonder if they are made from some type of amorphous metal like mercury. maybe just the marrying of indium and gallium…either way. they are intelligently controlled.

1 month ago

hoax by hoax

tim schofield
1 month ago

how hard is it to hold phone still? smh

1 month ago


Atoms Alan Hall
1 month ago

something's brewing

Dr. Shariananda Adamz
1 month ago

I wonder if Trump will get out of office before we get the big reveal or after?

1 month ago

Nothing comes to mind immediately as to what it could be… it's definitely unidentified.

Boss with the hot sauce

Most likely a surveillance drone