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YINTATECH 1500W Watt LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Growing Lamp for Indoor Hydroponic Greenhouse Plants Veg and Flower with Double Switch, Daisy Chain, Adjustable Rope Hanger, Hygrometer Thermometer

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Price: $109.99 - $99.99

Product Description

grow lightgrow light

YINTATECH is a professional LED light manufacturer that specializes in top quality plant grow lights.Our 1500W full spectrum grow light comes with VEG and BLOOM dual switches, daisy chain, and upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks. The all-in-one incubator for every growth stage of indoor plants, veg, and flowers.YINTATECH 1500Watt super-bright grow light is your best choice because of higher yields, lower growing temperatures, higher PAR, quiet fans, and energy efficiency.


Product Dimensions: 15.83 x 8.54 x 2.4 inchesProduct Weight: 6lbsMax Power:1500WActual Power: 150W±5%LED Quantities: 150pc 10W Double Chips LEDsAngle of LEDs: 140°Input Voltage: AC100~240VWorking Current: 821mAWorking Environment: -20°- 40°Working Frequency: 50-60HzLifespan: ≥50000 hours

grow light-01grow light-01

Full Spectrum Grow Light

Blue, red, UV, IR, and white lights provide everything plants needs from natural sunlight.The IR and UV LEDs promote plant’s defense mechanisms, while blue and red LEDs are necessary for growth.The proper wavelength produced by our spectrum light promotes healthy growth.Purple (wavelength 380–410nm): promotes plant cell differentiation, affects plant phototropism and inhibits stem elongation.Blue (wavelength 440–460nm): strongly inhibits plant growth and slightly inhibits photosynthesis.Red (wavelength 620–720nm): promotes photosynthesis, germination, blooming and fruiting.Infrared (720-800nm): stimulates cell elongation which impacts flowering and seed germination.Suitable for every growth stage from seedling, germination, growing, blooming to fruiting.

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Double Chips LEDs Adds Stability

Are you worried about LEDs burning out after a short time?Are you worried about the light’s brightness and PAR?

Our LED Grow Lights take care of these worries with updated LEDs and innovative WELDING technology.

grow light-07grow light-07

Square Double-Switch Button

Convenient on/off mechanism.VEG switch for seeding or vegetative stage, and BLOOM switch for flowering or blooming stage.Turn on VEG and BLOOM switches simultaneously for the flowering and fruiting stages.Each switch (VEG and BLOOM) has a separate function.Separate or combine the functions based on your needs. Also allows you to more efficiently use energy.

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Easy Installation

Our hook holes with metal back cover are more durable than those that are individually installed.Other copper column feature connections that are susceptible to falling. They often rust, don’t tighten in humid environments, and thread paint easily wears off.Adjustable rope hanger freely adjusts height based on different growth stages of plants.

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Package Includes

1 x 1500W Grow Light, 1 x 5ft Power Cord1 x Hanging Kit, 1 x User Manual1 x Rope Hanger, 2 x 1 gallon Grow Bags1 x Hygrometer Thermometer

Plant bag can grow fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants on your deck, patio, front steps, etc.

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grow light-07grow light-07

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grow light-08grow light-08

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Indoor use only, non-waterproof.Halt operation when fans are off.Can be controlled with Timer.To prevent eye damage, do not look directly at the LED light when it is on. Do not tap or touch the grow light during operation.Turn off the power supply during lightning storms.It’s normal for light to be slightly hot when on.Surrounding temperature MUST be less than 100°F (40°C).


450 ±5 % umol/s

500 ±5 % umol/s

550 ±5 % umol/s

300 ± 5% umol/s

600 ± 5% umol/s

1240 ± 5% umol/s

Flower Footprint

4 x 4 ft

5 x 5 ft

4 x 8 ft

2 x 2 ft

2 x 4 ft

5 x 5 ft

Actual Power

200 ± 5% W

240 ± 5% W

400 ± 5% W

110 ± 5% W

220 ± 5% W

400 ± 5% W


2.1 umol/J

2.3 umol/J

2.4 umol/J

2.7 umol/J

2.7 umol/J

2.7 umol/J





MeanWell Drivers& Samsung Chips

MeanWell Drivers& Samsung Chips

MeanWell Drivers& Samsung Chips

Safer Design – New innovative design replaces previous LED reflector, which featured no heat-resistance and was prone to short-circuiting, to provide additional safety. Compared with linear and non-isolated power, our isolated power source adds enhanced security
Wide Coverage & Efficient Energy Usage – 1500W LED plant grow light features 150pcs of 30mil DOUBLE LED CHIPS that cover a 4.5×4.5ft core area up to a maximum of 5.9×5.9ft area. The perfect alternative to the high-pressure sodium lamp, which uses 3-5 times more power. Upgraded LED lamps and welding techniques to ensure long-lasting durability
Full Spectrum & Dual-Switch – Features 380-800 nm wavelength and universal blue, red, IR, UV, and white lights to promote every stage of healthy plant growth. Turn on blue and white LEDs with the VEG switch and red and white LEDs with BLOOM switch. The two modes promote seedling growth and blooming respectively, and their combination maximizes plant growth
Efficient Cooling System – This grow light structured with three built-in silent cooling fans and metal cooling heat sinks. Features the multi-hole 3.0mm aluminum base plate that provides efficient heat dissipation. Low noise and can prolong product lifespan up to 50,000 hours
What You Get – 1 x safe 1500W LED full spectrum grow light, 1 x 5ft power cord, 1 x hanging kit, 1 x rope hanger, 2 x grow bags, 1 x hygrometer thermometer

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