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DURAGADGET 1M Premium LED Backlighting – Compatible with Samsung 55-Inch Class KU6500 Curved 4K UHD T.V

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Price: $17.49

IntroducingDURAGADGET’S brand new LED backlighting for desktop computers. Its design will help reduce eye strain while making your computer look cooler and sleeker than ever.

Studies show that the light that surrounds us can have a serious impact on how our brains function, this backlighting will help you to control brain functions and your mood, while working or just watching a movie! Furthermore, it features a range of colours and affects, from a simple sky blue to a memorizing strobe, giving you plenty of options when facing your computer. In addition, this device comes with a handy and easy to use remote control that includes batteries and an easy to use wheel to wind up the lights in order to keep everything tidy! Lastly, peel away the paper on the back of the lights and you will find a sticky adhesive, allowing the lights to grip to almost any surface!

Duragadgets LED backlighting is perfect for illuminating your home T.V, turning it into your very own movie theatre.
Designed to reduce eye strain while increasing the ambience of a room.
Easy to use remote comes with batteries included!
Has a range of colors for any mood!
1 meter in length meaning it will fit any PC rig! – Please note; Any devices shown are for display purposes ONLY and are NOT included in this purchase

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Buy it Now! Only $17.49

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