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PlayStation Now Will Support 1080p Streaming Going Forward

Jessibelle Garcia
2021-04-22 15:35:34

This was a much-needed upgrade. Hopefully, the next step is making PlayStation Now available worldwide.

PlayStation Now mockup

PlayStation Now subscriptions just got a little bit more worthwhile. That is, if access to the service is even available where you are.

Stream in 1080p With PlayStation Now

The official PlayStation Twitter account has announced that Sony will be slowly implementing 1080p streaming with PlayStation Now. All countries that have access to PlayStation Now will receive the upgrade, namely Europe, the US, Canada, and Japan.

The cloud gaming service previously had a max resolution of 720p, so this update is a welcome one… for the most part. You would think that making the service available to more countries would be a higher priority than upping the service’s streaming quality, but apparently not.

A user replied with, “How about make the service available globally?” To which another user agreed and wrote, “That should be their next major step, to be honest.”

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Though generally speaking, PlayStation’s announcement seems to have elicited more complaints and mockery than appreciation. The replies are riddled with “[Xbox] Game Pass is better” comments, memes complaining about PS5’s availability, and demands for support of old PlayStation titles.

What’s the Best Cloud Gaming Service?

Allowing PlayStation Now games to stream at 1080p makes it a more worthy competitor in the cloud gaming scene. It now has tops out at the same resolution as Amazon Luna and Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud). Google Stadia, meanwhile, can be cranked up to 4K—though it’s very demanding.

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