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TORK a brand of NSi Industries, LLC EWZ Series Multipurpose Control Astronomic, EWZ101

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Price: $159.36

EWZ Series multipurpose control astronomic 7 day time switch. 1 Channel. SPST output dry contact. Applicable for outdoor signs, lighting security, heating and air conditioning. Scheduling: 20 on and off set points for individual programs for each day of the week. Minimum setting is 1 minute. Astronomic: adjustable 10 to 60 degrees northern or southern latitudes. Can be individually offset +/- 1-240 minutes from both sunset and sunrise times. Daylight saving: automatic (can be omitted). Leap year: automatic compensation. Manual override: until the next regularly scheduled on or off, automatic operation then resumes. Clock format: AM/PM. Power outage backup: permanent schedule retention. Super capacitor provides 4 days of real time backup. Momentary option: configure with simple jumper change for single-channel momentary operation. Timing accuracy: line frequency. Input voltage: 120 – 277 VAC, 50/60 Hz (automatic detection). Terminal range: #8 – #16 AWG. Operating temperature: -40 to +149 degrees. Power consumption: 6VA maximum. Enclosure: plastic indoor/outdoor NEMA 3R is standard with lockable hasp.

Automatic on/off control for individualized daily operation
Digital 7-day, 24-hour display with 20 on/off cycles each day, one-minute minimum cycle, manual override switch
Automatic compensation for daylight saving time, leap year, and sunrise and sunset variation based on Earth’s latitude
120-277 VAC input voltage for multiple uses
Noryl plastic alloy indoor/outdoor enclosure with locking hasp

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