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“Backup by Google One” Is Google’s New Unified Android Backup System

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Rajesh Pandey
2021-07-22 00:50:49

The new backup client is rolling out to all Android 8.0+ devices “over the coming weeks.”


Google is silently improving and rebranding the Android backup system. Dubbed “Backup by Google One,” the new backup client comes under the Google One branding umbrella and offers some notable enhancements over the existing Android backup system when it comes to managing backups.

Google is rolling out the new backup system without much fanfare or an official announcement.

“Backup by Google One” Simplifies Android Backups

The existing Android backup system backs up selected app data, SMS, call history, contacts, and device preferences like wallpapers, Wi-Fi passwords, language, etc. For backing up MMS, photos, and videos stored on the device, one needs to use the Google One app, which needs to be downloaded separately from the Google Play Store.

Google is now unifying all these backup options under the “Backup by Google One” settings page. You can find all your device backup-related options here and manage what you want to backup. There are more expansive and granular backup control options for this.

You can also control your media content backup to Google Photos from the new backup system settings page instead of relying on the Google Photos app.

Google One logo on white background

In a nutshell, “Backup by Google One” consolidates the Android backup settings under a single page and makes it easier to manage your backups.

Contrary to its name, “Backup by Google One” does not require that you have a Google One subscription. The feature will be available for all Google account users.

Do note that your Android device backups will count against your Google account’s free 15GB storage, so make sure you have ample free space for backup purposes, or you’ll have to purchase more storage for your Google account.

Google could make an official announcement about this change along with some new features once the rollout nears completion.

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All Android 8.0+ Devices to Get “Backup by Google One”

Android Apps Home Screen

As reported by 9to5Google, Google is rolling out the new “Backup by Google One” feature to all Android 8.0 devices, with the full rollout expected to be complete “over the coming weeks.” The feature will automatically show up in the Settings menu of your Android device once it is rolled out to it.

Android’s backup system is not as sophisticated as that of iOS. Many Android users are not even aware that they can back up their MMS and other device data using the Google One app. Thus, Google unifying the backup options under one Settings page will make things easier for them.

Google on computer
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