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eFootball confirmed to kick off a day before FIFA 2022

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Ryan Jones
2021-09-02 06:30:01

Konami has confirmed that eFootball will officially launch on 30 September on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. That means eFootball will kick off a day before FIFA 2022’s official release date. 

eFootball is set to replace PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) as Konami’s flagship football game, and will also be free to play, with seasonal updates adding more content after launch. 

“With ‘eFootball’ being the name of our overall platform, ‘eFootball 2022’ is the official title for our first season of content,” explained Seitaro Kimura, eFootball series Producer at Konami. 

“Platform updates bringing new functionality, such as cross-platform matchmaking and mobile controller support, will happen frequently over the coming months and will always be free. Future content updates and game modes will be offered to players as either free or premium options. We look forward to getting players on the pitch and receiving their feedback.”

At launch, you’ll be able to pick from 9 teams (FC Barcelona, FC Bayern München, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal FC, SC Corinthians Paulista, CR Flamengo, CA River Plate, São Paulo FC) to play against either the AI or a friend offline. 

Konami will also be holding weekly online events, with crossplay support allowing PS4 and Xbox One owners to go up against next-gen players. 

It’s also been confirmed that Konami will launch a free Autumn update for eFootball, which includes the Creative Teams mode. Here, you’ll be able to select a team crest, kit and stadium from 600 licensed clubs, and then build up your own squad as if you’re playing fantasy football.

You’ll be able to sign footballers and coaches, and then go up against other players online to gain points and get promoted to the next league. This sounds very similar to FIFA’s Ultimate Team, so it will be interesting to see how the Creative Teams mode differs. 

Konami has also revealed a number of features that it plans to add to eFootball after the first Autumn update, including PS5 haptic feedback, ‘advanced ball trapping’, mobile controller support, ‘Power Pass, Power Shot and other special kicks’ and full cross-platform matchmaking.

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