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Apple is releasing iOS 15 on September 20

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Kob Monney
2021-09-14 16:00:07

Announced all the way back in June 2021, Apple’s iOS 15 is about emerge from its public beta and be released to compatible iOS devices on September 20th.

There’s plenty of features stocked in this latest update to Apple’s platform, with a new look for Apple Maps, support for home keys and ID cards in Wallet and new privacy controls in Siri and Mail.

SharePlay, which allows users to share music, TV shows and even Disney Plus content across a FaceTime chat won’t be launching as part of the main iOS 15 update. Apple didn’t give any reasons for why it delayed the feature, but it is expected to arrive later in the year.

Other features that are coming as part of the main update include a re-designed notification experience, with a new notification summary that collects less time-critical notifications and delivers them at more opportune moment. Urgent messages are delivered immediately, with the device’s onboard intelligence arranging notifications in terms of priority.

Apple Maps is the recipient of an update, offering new ways to navigate and explore locations on the map, with navigation on an iPhone or CarPlay able to display a three-dimensional experience.

The new Focus feature reduces distractions and filters out notifications and apps based on what the user wants to focus on. New privacy controls offer more ways to protect user information, such as audio of Siri requests that are now processed entirely on iPhone by default and not sent off somewhere else. The App Privacy Report offers an overview of how apps use the access granted by them in the last seven days.

Residents in several US states will be the first to try out the New Keys feature for Apple Wallet that makes it possible to access places with the tap of an iPhone. You can also add state IDs to create a digital Identity Card you carry with you in Wallet.

There’s plenty more besides coming with the iOS 15 update, and you can can experience what it has to offer yourself starting September 20.

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