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UFO/UAP LIVESTREAM: Zac Cichy & Mad Scientist Pod!

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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good day, and aloha! UCR is your home for credible news reviews and commentary on everything #UAPs and …

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  1. Michael O'Hara

    Shows 8 thumbs-down – why the Hell would eight people vote this down?

  2. Michael O'Hara

    My Gawd, this was good stuff. It's time for me to head to Patreon's site.

  3. Mark Barker

    Sorry how can you explain what no one can explain, and second why you have to explain most of the thing we see in the universe do not have any explanation, is clear we do not have the technology to explain those thing, people are as child they have to know even if is all lie they are happy to know some stupid explanation.

  4. kenny iwound

    1:52:56 ET making contact
    I find it strange that you all agree the Gov is lieing and that you won't accept it and challenge the data. Yet with vaccines your all like " hey yeah the gov is completely trustworthy and if they say it's safe, then it's safe" Then you find out it wasn't completely safe but you carry on like it's not an issue. I presume mainly due to talking points on the subject create an enemy for you to shout at, your fellow countrymen and not those who lie to you. Maybe you should be more consistent on your view of Gov. How can we trust you when you prop up a Gov as trustworthy when they are not. Is it because you are democrats.

  5. Schoolcraft

    Bob strikes me as more of a Madam than a pimp. But a rose by any other name 😁🌹

  6. Alex Castro

    Hey Zac… Just wondering about the location of that small picture on the wall behind you. Is it strategically placed to show up in your camera, or is it covering a hole in the wall? It's in a weird place, all alone…A fine attempt at interior dec…😆😉

  7. AJ DoubleU

    *1:31:10 ? This is false. Elizondo didn't work at Skywalker ranch… This is another false claim made here he literally said "we know that Elizondo worked at Skywalker ranch with Bigelow as part of that team."y'all really should have pushed back on some of these claims this guy was making. He is good at it too. Many times he says things like "we know that" to make you feel like it must be true and you Just haven't heard of it. 1:33:20 really? So when Walgreens sells rat poison..And a guy used it to kill someone..Walgreens is just as bad as a murderer? 1:33:50 sorry Lue.. Again you're wrong Bob Lazar was not a "pimp" by any stretch. I don't get where your getting this from. But it is not true.#1 , #2 ,#3 ,#4 . It's funny how people who have researched Lazar for minutes claim they know more or better than those like George Knapp or this officer in video above. Ask me the name of a college professor I had… Can't remember lol high school teacher? I can think of two who also were coaches lol. During those years partying is normal hah that's all I will say. Oh and Damn Honda for selling a car that killed a
    Person in a hit and run….terrible person who owns Honda*

  8. AJ DoubleU

    Anyone know of the guy and his wife who have made one book and are making a new one, that has the complication of thousands of UFO/UAP reports , divided by state, year, and even by type of craft seen. As in the shape ect. I remember hearing the guy on a podcast and it sounded amazing. He's said it took a long time to gather and he is making an updated one.. Hope someone knows what I'm talking about. I'm response to what Chris said here 1:24:51 from what I heard about this book it sounds like a really in depth look into this

  9. AJ DoubleU

    Loved the poll results. Seemed to shock the hosts for some reason. I think many are misinformed about Tucker. Especially in this UFO/UAP community to find so many people with a closed mind and have never really watched the person, just heard about him from a friend of a friend ect. Take time to actually watch him. You'd do the same with UAPs right? Poll results on do you watch Tucker when he covers UAP topic: 33% Yes I don't miss one, 29% no he disgusts me, 15% I do but don't admit it, 22% I'm an addict give me more (Tucker).

  10. AJ DoubleU

    One thing I keep forgetting to mention… when Luis Elizondo was being "interviewed" for his new job in the Pentagon, on his final interview he met with a " Rocket scientist " who was in the room . This tells me a few things.. One is that the government obviously was really researching the science of the sightings using legit people. That throws a wrench 🔧 into what Mick West claims when he says he didn't think the government had any scientists looking at the data and information, that it was just "average" kind of people and so they just were coming to the wrong conclusions. so that's not true. Second thing is does anyone know who this rocket scientist is that Luis Elizondo met? Name? And was there others like him? I think it's one huge thing that people forget when interviewing Elizondo. It just tells me that our government was legit looking into UAPs and were really concerned or interested

  11. AJ DoubleU

    39:10 I disagree with this completely. To say that it's better to be forced into a fake world that you don't truly have free will and control. To be okay with someone or thing forcing a fake reality in you.. Wow.. Have you seen the new movie "Free Guy"? It's a movie about this "Guy" who is a character (an artificial intelligence) inside a video game that people plug into cuz virtual reality. The "real" people have an avatar, and "Guy" thinks he is just as real as the humans who are there…because at first he doesn't know he is an AI…and when he does it crushes him… I won't "spoil" it…but It's an okay movie with some action , and a cool premise. Deserves a watch I would say. But after you watch it think what if we all were like "Guy"…trippy eh?"

  12. AJ DoubleU

    The whole "Q" thing keeps getting brought up as if everyone on the right believed in it or was even following what they were talking about. It's just not true. Honestly I feel like more people on the left even knew what crazy stuff "Q" were talking about because it was on left wing media a lot, trying to equate everyone on the right with "Q" .. While the right wing media didn't even cover "Q" at all. The big names on the right like Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham , Crowder, Shapiro, etc never talked about "Q" or the things "Q" followers talked about. Just wanted to throw that out there, because I really think "Q" was way overblown and wasn't as big as some thought.

  13. AJ DoubleU

    Have y'all seen with M. Kelly? She interviews Luis Elizondo and John Greenewald. I thought it did a good job at laying things out for people who didn't know much or for those who thought it was all tin foil hat people. Yeah…I know a lot of people hate her(M. Kelly) and have huge misconceptions of her but listen for yourself!I love how people on the right are at least open minded enough to do these things. So let's stop hating, maybe the 5second clip you saw of somebody years ago was taken out of context?…maybe what you heard from a friend wasn't really true…maybe what the person on the news told you was coming from a very biased position..And maybe they had an agenda …And weren't completely honest with the news they told you. That's what I've learned over the past decade… What I used to think of one side of a political party wasn't really true when I took the time to actually watch and listen to them for a while. Most won't do this but I literally decided years ago I was going to watch channels like Fox news everyday for the same amount of time I watched another news channel. I know most people won't do this, but it really helped me understand the other "side" and really helped me not "hate" one group. It's really something that is simple…that everyone could do that just might help bring this country least a little bit.🤷‍♂️

  14. Oliver Drow

    And ONCE AGAIN, Chris make a stupid argument… the fact that Bob Lazar has done criminal things in the past has no real weight over whether his story is true or false.

  15. Oliver Drow

    And ANOTHER flawed logic from Chris: so he argues that there IS NO LEGITIMATE REASON that there are more UFOs seen in one state or the other? Why not? What data you have to say that they don't favor or do not travel more through certain avenues or routes than others?

    Let's make an hypothesis: suppose these crafts need to land somewhere. Let's call that place "Base". Is it rational or not to suppose that a Base (or Bases) can't be equally distributed everywhere?

    THUS that would lead OBVIOUSLY to more sightings at a certain location over another. If there are TRUE sightings who are UAPs, it is actually VERY LOGICAL that in some states (near or at one of their bases) there would be a much higher statistical % of true unexplained sightings.

    What Chris said is the illogical point.

  16. Oliver Drow

    Another answer to Chris: perhaps another way of seeing it is that, every time society understands more science and technology, the more we will UNDERSTAND what we are seeing, or we can more faithfully explain it.

    After all, how one field worker in 1100's would explain a UFO but as something of heavenly origin? The lights being angels or demons, etc. After the Aviation epoch, we would explain those things as weird planes without pilots. We would always TRY to explain those things with the language of the time. Of the "scientific" language of the time, and let's remember that in the past, religion and science were one and the same.

  17. Oliver Drow

    Chris Cogswell is all over the place – he never makes a cohesive argument and certainly no conclusion whatsoever. WHAT are you saying? Be clear.

  18. Matt T

    I really don't understand the scientific or academic posture on UFOs. Anything that is even remotely mysterious or not well understood should be chased down by science like a rabid dog. We've spent how many millions on trying to find dark matter and dark energy? Neither of which has any evidence that it exists other than real life observations that we don't understand. Science seems a lot like religion in this regard.

    Man I think I disagree with Chris on almost every point he made. I should have been taking notes or something so I could go point by point. Am I the only one who thinks running a brothel is a legitimate business venture? It's literally the oldest profession.

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