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Mozilla Backs Off on Firefox’s Default Browser Workaround

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Dave LeClair
2021-11-09 12:21:25

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Mozilla and Microsoft recently came together to bring Firefox to the Microsoft Store. However, a hidden change to the store version makes it harder to switch your default browser, undoing the workaround Mozilla had in place.

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In Windows 11, Microsoft made it an absolute nightmare to change the default apps. Mozilla figured out a way to get around this, allowing you to switch your default browser in a single click.

However, with the version released to the Microsoft Store, Mozilla appears to have backed down, as you have to go through Windows 11’s ridiculous process of changing the default for all different file extensions if you want to change your default browser. It’s a definite downgrade, and it makes downloading from Firefox’s website a far more appealing option.

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I tested out the desktop version and Microsoft Store version of Firefox myself, and the desktop version still changed the default browser with one click. The Microsoft Store version, on the other hand, took me to Windows 11’s default apps page, where I could go through the painful process.

We’re not sure why this changed, but we can only assume it has something to do with getting Microsoft to approve the app. Perhaps Microsoft wouldn’t allow a version of the browser with a workaround installed.

We’ve reached out to Mozilla for comment but haven’t received a response as of publication.

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