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Gigantic Unfinished Stone Structures Cut With Amazing Stone Working Techniques

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The Yangshan Quarry is famous for an unfinished stele of huge size that was abandoned there during the reign of the Yongle …


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  1. D VAN

    We, Humans must be prepared for their return.
    They will come back as Saint Scripture told !
    Pretty chilling background music !

  2. Francois Van Dyk

    Levitation and advanced technology which they learned from the anunnaki and then got taken away.

  3. Steve

    Nephilim, gravity canceling and laser

  4. C10 Syndicate

    36.949390,-76.067331 37.264945,-76.099191 36.934936,-75.983430 37.306783,-76.127403

  5. Tom Abel

    Has anyone considered the beings that built these may have been giants themselves thus just being a natural ratio for the end result the size of them?

  6. Derek G

    MC-505 Groovebox, Ive made that beat B4 LOL

  7. Grant Fitzhugh

    If we think we are so advanced I'd like to see us make simple blacks of stone like this without using machines or hardened metal tools. Only then we would see who was more advanced.

  8. Margaret McGuire

    Numbers 13:33 And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

  9. C10 Syndicate

    37.324160,-76.136571 37.307714,-76.125634 37.260679,-76.112483 37.265866,-76.110625 36.950932,-76.067693

  10. AL-KEN

    Frequenzies waves, mysterium solved

  11. ThePerriannath

    its cool, but why an ultra advanced ancient civilization would use stone to build?

  12. John M

    All over the earth there is evidence of the existence of not only giants but Titans. There's your answer.

  13. Jason Pettit

    Yes in Russia I knew there were blocks way bigger than balbeck,they are ginormous,I believe that they were made by the ancient builder race…

  14. stephie wynn

    I’m thinking we are not original to this planet or have been shrunk we are an ant farm and get shook up every few thousand years

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