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Shapeshifting UFO

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We watch UFO footage that is dividing people online. What do you think it is?


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  1. djfritz2001

    Its a deflated weather balloon flapping in the high level winds.

  2. Beau Taylor

    I think it's more likely the cameras is on drugs

  3. madison chris

    My toxic ass would fly the plane closer to get a good look😂

  4. Toroide energético.. el objeto está contenido dentro y no lo podemos ver.. solo vemos lo que podemos..

  5. injun sniper

    thats toronto media! i bet a comet could be heading to canada they would have the same reponse


    Ah yes must be an easily explainable natural phenomenon but no one knows it's explanation..

  7. Misty Skies

    ‘That is alien object to me’ then in next breath ‘then it’s a crack in the window’ , ‘a Father’s Day tie’, ‘falling luggage’ and these twats are delivering the news.

  8. Beavis Youtube

    Not extra terrestrial, they are extra deminsional.
    A day will come when our world will be invaded with fallen angels and demons, for now they are being restrained by the holy spirit, bit a day will come when he quits restraining them.

  9. Roy Jr.

    That is bizarre, almost like it's a living being the way it moved.

  10. Ian Anderson

    This proves that an IQ of only 50 is required to be a morning news broadcaster.

  11. J B

    Reminds me of the movie don’t look up on Netflix. The scientists tried to explain the world was going to end on national television and the reporters just made a mockery of the situation.

  12. Eva Kristof

    Limited minds commenting 😊 scary because that will keep our knoledge in a bubble. I think limited minds are far more scary than 🛸 -s

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