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Ancient Aliens: UFO SIGHTING AT AREA 51 (Season 14) | History

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Watch all new episodes of Ancient Aliens returning soon, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at …


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    Watch all new episodes of Ancient Aliens returning soon, and stay up to date on all of your favorite History Channel shows at

  2. recon forsales

    Bob Lazars story is only believed by fools

  3. Out There

    It’s all being pieced together. Can’t wait for the US government to release all of their UAF files for the public to see!

  4. Alexandra Gavrila

    Bob Lazar told the truth from the beggining.He risked So much,yet he revealed what was happening at Area 51👍👍👽

  5. ian watts {Official}

    More people come forward to back bib Lazar his story becomes more credible evidence..👽🛸👍👈🍿🫖☕🍰

  6. Floyd Anthony G

    government agency.. what are you waiting for.. cover it up.. fast..

  7. Small Change

    I've believed Bob's story since I first heard him interviewed by the late great Art Bell many moons ago.

  8. Zoological Militia

    Area 19 should be investigated or maybe it was area 13 or it spilled over to area 13.
    Those areas are from FAA radar areas.
    Back in the 1960s was a pilot and I must of been using a blue viewing filter Md. 20/20 I know you think it's a drink I think it stands for Mendelevium 20% phosphate 20% florescent to pull me out of the sky to investigate after making positive discovery of sub-terrestrial clones employed a remote mechanical automatic sentry and left.

    A month later FAA informs me they are giving me a warning ticket for an air obstruction that I must put up a air warning beacon for aircraft!
    Well, they accused me only pilot landing in that area! A beacon is required for objects 200' feet to 500' high so to avoid fine and or imprisonment I will fly back up near the Canada border put one up whatever I was building.

    Had my radar on this area is a plain flat surface for miles there was a foggy mist I look at my radar and a mountain range comes up. I had to check my headings sure enough suppose to be flat in this area but a new mountain range.
    As I got closer made out the obstruction thought it was a mountain of boulders but got a closer mountain of dead bodies that stretch for miles.

    So I landed my aircraft climb up the stink pile place the warning beacon my sentry was still on duty picking off trogs climbing up the mountain from the other side, rolling downhill awesome sights like it.

    So, I told HAFB I might have started a health hazard and better go burn it with atomic bombs, whether they did it or not I don't know but even if they did there would some identifiable remains.
    Well, I'm pretty busy at the moment if you want to go on a real which hunt with satellite find it, ill PayPal, you $20.00.
    A tip radar is good for 60 miles from airport so it's with en 60 miles from an airport close to the Canada border.
    Good hunting.

  9. New Dork


  10. Peterbilt 379

    the truth about This S4 stop hoarding alien exteristriall technology from us there's a secret government within our government controlling this Area 51 and S4 there's also reports of an alien entity that escaped out of this S4 it's documented that they found 6 scientists in the labs dead with fatal head wounds and the entity escaped from S4 this is not good these secret government within our government keeps technology like this from us Americans it's not Kool the air force or military does not have nothing to do with this S4 or area 51 homey airport how do they fund something so dark and secretive from the American people and our real government our own leaders know about this and are afraid to tell us in fear of the secret government within our government, how do we take control of this this is not Kool that technology could better our civilization and life stop hoarding technology that belongs to exteristriall origins or share it with us

  11. Ed-_-777

    Bob says he wished he hadn’t said anything few years back about it all 20years later

  12. rob

    so this guy is 10000% legit , and hes confirming lazars description of the trip to S4.. So lets say bob is full of it , How did he know the commute to S4 or even janet airlines?

  13. Lafzon Ki Khamoshi

    So USA is trying to have total monopoly over aliens technology..

  14. David Longenberger

    Bob needs a metal of honor 👍👍👍 and I mean metal 👽👽👽

  15. AKV GaMiNg

    Can I use ur material for my YouTube video

  16. Craig Hall

    A great thing for this man to come forward for Bob

  17. Top Doc

    Lazar first confirmed that the US government has aircraft not from this world. The Pentagon recently released a statement telling the people that we had alien aircraft not from this world. The United States has reversed engineered an alien aircraft that is completely stealthy and with no flat surfaces it can avoid radar The aircraft has a reactor core that can manipulate space and time!

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