Heroes of Might and Magic IV

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Highly addictive mix of exploration, strategy and conquest

Product Information

Heroes of Might and Magic IV is the latest chapter in theHeroes series. This stellar new addition combines proven award-winning gameplay with an all-new, state-of-the-art engine. It showcases a highly detailed fantasy world where players will be immersed in a battle for territory and resources.  Rise to the challenge by commanding armies of skillful warriors and fantastic creatures. Collect vital resources and artifacts. Fight enemies and capture towns. Strategic planning and tactical cunning are instrumental in your goal to be theundisputed ruler of the new world!

Product Features


  • For the first time ever, bring hero-characters into battle as super-soldiers in your army!
  • 60 varied creature classes tocontrol.
  • All-new game engine!
  • All-new isometric viewpoint and informative interface.
  • Tweak the new personal scenarios and map editor to make levels and quests for your friends!
  • Over 140 hours of gameplay and 6 uniquecampaigns.
  • 11 starting Hero classes, 37 advanced classes – choose the specific classes of each member in your army!
  • All-new magic system – Complete Hero customization at your fingertips. Towns
    • Eachcombat screen grid can be a different terrain, with associated bonuses and negatives for Hero Classes/Creatures.
    • Hero Classes can participate in combat; they can move, attack, defend and retaliate just like creatures!
    • Combatantscan face in 8 different directions on the Combat Screen.
    • In siege combat, Creatures at the base of a town wall can attack defenders at the top of a wall and vice-versa!

    Adventure Map

    • More than 300Adventure Map structures to interact with

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