Wii Remote Controller, 2 Packs Upgrade Wii Wireless Controller Compatible with Wii Wii U(Pink and Blue)

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Product Description

Wii Remote ControllerWii Remote Controller

Wii Remote Controller DetailsWii Remote Controller Details

Wii Remote Controller Wireless Connection

Wii Remote Controller Wireless Connection

Wii remote controller body sensing

Wii remote controller body sensing

Wii Remote Controller Sound Feedback

Wii Remote Controller Sound Feedback

Wireless Technology

Wii controller wireless sensing technology, 2.4G high-speed transmission signal, real-time SYNC with your operation.

Wii Controller

Wii makes games and sports combined, making sports and fitness more interesting. The Tevodo wii controller is responsive and can easily keep up with your exercise rhythm

Sound Feedback

Designed with 3D force/sound feedback, the sound of the handle making the user’s most realistic and shocking game experience,It can enhance the immersive feeling of the game.

Wii Remote ControllerWii Remote Controller

Package includes:

2 x Wireless Remote Controller

2 x Nunchuck Controller

2 x Silicone Case for Remote

2 x Wrist Strap

1 x Box


1 For Wii U console, please open the Wii U Menu and then follow the on-screen instructions and press SYNC on the wii controller to finish the pairing procedure.

2 Power by AA battery , batteries are not included.

3 This item is without motion plus.

NOTE – The wireless remote made by third-party, not made by original. The remotes do not have built-in motion plus function.
Wireless Remote – Use the remotes to move your characters and control them to perform ordered actions.Not only throwing a pass in football or aiming a ranged in an action game,but also many actions can be completed sensitively.Just play with it to Release your pressure.
Multi-Function Support – The controller built-in COMS sensor for detecting infrared light from sensor bar, obtain light-spot moving info, 5D sensory operation.Supports vibration function, built-in speaker.
Protective – Come with silicone case and wrist strap, provide protection for your wireless remote controller. Accessible to people of all ages and all abilities.
Customer Service – Any query,please feel free to contact us at the first time.We will ALWAYS replace a faulty product or refund your purchase within 45 days.

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