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7 Tips to Help You Search for the Best Items on Etsy

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Simona Tolcheva
2022-05-12 09:30:14

Etsy is an awesome space filled with creativity, where you can find a ton of artsy, artisanal things. The platform houses tons of different people, offering a ton of variety for you. But being that Etsy is positively jam-packed with sellers and products, how do you go about finding your perfect item?

Let’s try to find the key to a successful search that produces the best results on Etsy.

1. Look for the Badges

Badges are there for a reason, and they can help you make your pick. In fact, a badge can narrow down your choices significantly. After all, if you had the choice, wouldn’t you like to get free shipping, especially if you’re shipping internationally? Or know that the item you’re considering is a bestseller?

The badges you should be on the lookout for are: Bestseller, Etsy’s Pick, and Free shipping. The first is paired with an item if it’s popular with shoppers and has achieved a high sales volume in the last six months, so it’s a great indication the item is a crowd-pleaser.

The second badge gets added to a listing when the thing listed chosen by the Etsy team, and it could have even been featured in a recent Etsy campaign. Or, simply put, Etsy likes the item. And the third badge is rather self-explanatory—free shipping for the location you’ve selected.

All these badges can ease your decision-making, so don’t ignore the badges, but actively look for items that sport them. They’d ensure that what you’re looking for will come from a reputable seller, and you’re likely to avoid issues.


2. A Star Seller Is a Good Seller

Speaking of sellers, shopping from the right one is a must if you want to avoid facing problems. Etsy is brimming with people using the platform to sell products, so being able to distinguish between good and bad ones is a must. That’s why Etsy gives out a special Star Seller badge that you can be on the lookout for in your search for the best possible item.

If one is a Star Seller, that means they maintained an excellent performance for at least three months. Before Etsy gives out the badge to someone, it ensures the seller has great ratings and a fast response rate, and their shipping and tracking is on time with no issues. Etsy only gives out this badge to exemplary sellers.

If you want your item to arrive on time, without you having to chase the seller and bombard them with messages that go unanswered. While also being certain the thing you ordered will look the same as it did on the shop listing, odds are, you can trust a Star Seller with your order.

3. Always Read the Reviews

Reviews matter. Even more so when you consider not everyone can figure out how Etsy works and whether they can cut it selling on the platform. People share the overall experience with sellers as well as their happiness with the item received. It’s essential to look for reviews and go through them before placing an order.

They’ll let you see whether the item described and pictured matches the one that other buyers ended up receiving. Customers often share whether the quality of the piece is up to par, if sizing is adequate, if colors and patterns match the image, or if the quality is worth the price. Reviews are indispensable.

And, if there are no customer ratings, you’ll know it’s a risk to make a purchase. If you’re unwilling to gamble, simply look for a highly reviewed item, and make sure the reviews answer any questions you might have.

4. Check the Policies Beforehand

Unless you’re absolutely, no doubt, 100% sure that you’ll keep the item after receiving it, read up on the return policy of the seller. It’s best to know beforehand their requirements for accepting a return and whether they even allow returns, since some shops don’t.

And, it’s not only return policies that matter. Check out if they accept cancellations. After all, circumstances change, and you might need to cancel an already placed order. You should know if that’s allowed from the start, rather than risk finding out it’s not by the time it’s too late.

Another policy worth checking out is if the seller offers gift wrapping. After all, if you’re buying a present and don’t have the time or the capability to wrap it, it’s a full-on miracle to have it already wrapped and beautiful when you get it. So, ensure you read up and do your research before ordering. Otherwise, you risk regretting it.

If you’ve done your research and read reviews but still feel unsure about something, just go ahead and contact the seller. These people are looking for you to become a paying customer, and most will be happy to answer any of your questions to ensure you become one.

The direct (message) approach is the best one.

6. Filters Are Your Best Friend

Filters are the best, so use them and narrow down your search any way you can. Don’t waste your time looking at items that don’t fit your requirements. It’s not only going to take you longer to go through the search results that way, but you risk falling in love with a product you can’t afford or doesn’t ship to your location—the worst.

Manage your filters: what you’re looking for, price points, shipping options, customization, everything. That will secure you the best possible item. If Etsy has given you filters, use them.

7. Shop Locally

If you’re in a rush to get something or are simply curious about what’s offered close to you, Etsy grants you the option to shop locally.

When you type what you’re looking for in the Etsy search bar, and the results pop up, you have to open the Filters bar and go to the one that says Shop Location. Besides Anywhere and United States, a Custom one lets you type in an exact place. You can fill in a state or even narrow it down to a city or town. So do that, and get yourself some fast, fast shipping.

Etsy Is Great, but It’s Not the End-All Be-All

Etsy may seem overwhelming with its millions of listings, but it’s easier to navigate than you imagine. All you have to do is take advantage of everything the platform offers you. Look at the badges on the sellers, ensure you take full advantage of the filters, and secure yourself whatever you need.

And while Etsy remains a massive, welcoming space full of creativity and artisanal offers, it’s not the only option to consider for your next shop. So, in case Etsy doesn’t work out, don’t forget there are plenty of alternatives to the platform that are just as good and that applies to both sellers and buyers.

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