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Gerry Anderson's UFO (1970) – Opening Titles

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  1. Michael S.

    I still have that typing ball it came from an IBM Selectric I or II.

  2. Dave Hales

    Brilliant, I'd say it was the costume designer's dream, you can see so many of today's labels in it, PRADA, GUCCI,BOSS,PAUL SMITH, STONE ISLAND,,and everything else in between

  3. Eric

    Loved this show as a kid and loved watching it all again here on YouTube as an adult. Really well done show. I wish the same could be said for 1999 which I think was terrible.

  4. leokimvideo

    The model and miniatures work in this series was incredible. Just another Derek Meddings masterpiece of effects work that wasn't being seen in any other TV show at the time.

  5. Geoff D

    Yeah but what year was this set again? 😁

  6. Steve

    Isn't it a bit too cheerful at times? You'd think for a show about an alien invasion, it'd be like the closing credits music.

  7. Roger Murray

    UFO Favorite Show got me Interested Subject UFO 🛸Sad Gerry Anderson Lives 😢Long See Show New Generation Fans

  8. Mycroft Holmes

    Michael Caine’s wife was on Moonbase. Not a lot of people know that.

  9. Love that they are still using recording tape in the "future". No sd cards. No downloading or uploading. No jpegs. No AVCHD. Wonderful clip just the same. Lovely music too😁✌️

  10. fu3


  11. David Atkins

    I just discovered that the building in the opening titles is now known as the set of Holby City. Never noticed it before but I know know it’s so obvious. It hasn’t even changed that much despite the 50 year gap!

  12. gandf gandf

    That theme music makes me want to put on a Nehru jacket and dance around like it's 1970. In 1980. In 2022.

  13. John Mooney

    All of Gerry Anderson tv show theme tunes were excellent!

  14. kevin allcock

    The master of his trade . There will NEVER be another like him . My childhood was Gerry and Sylvia Anderson . God bless you .

  15. Ronnie T

    It's right up there with Space:1999 and the opening theme was very cool as well.

  16. F Battle

    Grooooovy brit space themed series got the V in vintage!

  17. Director Hideaki Anno lovingly paid homage to this opening sequence, not only with the opening titles for Neon Genesis Evangelion (hard cuts, focus on character close ups, flashes of text and captions), but also the trailer for Shin Godzilla. The editing, even after all these years, is original and very distinct.

  18. John

    Like his 60s version of a futuristic car.

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