Last Call To Get The CIA’s Training Card Game (Non Amazon Version)

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Mike Masnick
2022-06-09 18:32:45

from the last-call dept

Last chance to get your boxed copy of CIA: Collect It All!

Two months ago, we posted what seemed like a last call on selling out the remaining stock of our version of the CIA’s card training game (that we originally Kickstarted a few years ago). A few people complained that they didn’t want to buy via Amazon. The copies that were available there sold out in about a day (any copies still on Amazon are resellers), but we took our final batch, and rather than sending them to Amazon, decided to put them on Miniature Market, one of the best online stores for all things board game related, in order to give those who didn’t want to use Amazon an alternative.

This truly is our final batch of these games. The only ones we have left are our personal copies. So, if you want the boxed CIA game, go check it out on Miniature Market!

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