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Xbox cloud gaming will soon support keyboard and mouse on PC

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Chris Smith
2022-06-22 14:11:54

The Xbox Cloud Gaming streaming platform will soon offer PC gamers the ability to use their mouse and keyboard.

As revealed on an Microsoft Game Dev live stream yesterday (via The Verge), the company is asking developers to prepare their games for the additional input methods.

As developers can already add support for keyboard and mouse to Xbox games, this might prove to be a little added incentive to improve the uptake before Microsoft adds the feature for PC streaming.

What it could mean is Xbox staples like Halo Infinite are streamable with the old school peripherals on PC for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

“I do want to talk about keyboard and mouse,” said Xbox game streaming software engineer Morgan Brown. “Xbox has supported keyboard and mouse for some years now and we’re working on adding it to streaming for PC users. But you can start adding it to your game right now and your console, keyboard and mouse users will appreciate it. It will light up in streaming when we’ve finished adding it.”

Microsoft has been working diligently on its Xbox Anywhere platform in the last few years, and this is the latest initiative to allow gamers to play on their devices on their own terms. It also includes a forthcoming new streaming stick and a TV app.

You can watch the full live stream, which also includes details on Microsoft’s plans to create lower latency game streaming experiences and optimising games for the best mobile experiences, in the video below.

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