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Vantec M.2 NVMe SSD to USB 3.1 Gen 2×1 Type C Syncable RGB Enclosure (NST-210C3-RGB), Small and Portable

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Price: $48.17

This Syncable RGB unique design allows for the enclosure to be under the control of the System RGB controller to display RGB LED in sync with the system RGB LED. Besides the color, this enclosure offers the latest bridge from USB to your M.2 NVMe at ultra-fast speed. The enclosure equips with a USB 3.1 Gen2x1 bridge to the M.2 NVMe for fast data transfer via a native USB C interface. This Vantec’s signature design comes in Pocket Size, Anodized Aluminum, RGB LED switch, toolless NVMe mount, UASP, No Drivers Needed, and more. The heat plate, thermal pad, and solid Anodized Aluminum just whisked off the heat from your NVMe to keep it cool. These are all the great features you can expect from Vantec Storage. Note: * For RGB Syncable Function, RGB motherboard must be compatible and uses the latest RGB software. For NON-RGB motherboard, it will not be Syncable, but the enclosure will display rolling RGB color. See FAQ for more information.
Syncable RGB* Multi-Color Glowing RGB LED with System – In Sync with System RGB*, Glowing Vibrant Color Design; Design For Ultra-Fast NVMe module – Latest NVMe Storage solution with USB 3.1 Gen2x1 for Speed
Anodized Aluminum to Keep Cool – Strong, durable, and heat dissipation properties; USB 3.1 Gen2x1 with a USB C interface – Native Next-Gen USB, designed to very fast; UASP; Plug & Play; No Drivers Needed – Work with USB Attached SCSI, Plug and ready to use.
ON/OFF switch for RGB LED – Switch to turn ON/OFF RGB LED light; Small Pocket size – 106.8×44.8×16.8mm and Fit Big Capacity NVMe; C to C USB cable – Tested shielded premium cable with reversible connector
Clear Data activity LED indication – Activity LED flashing during data transfer; Design for Multi-OS compatibility – Windows 10, Chrome OS, OS X 10.10 or Better, Latest Linux Kernel; Support multi-size M.2; Shielded USB C to C cable – Module Length 2242, 2260, 2280, USB-C cable length 300mm
NOTE: * depend on motherboard RGB compatibility

Price effective as of Aug 12,2022 11:22:07 UTC

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