Pokemon GO Creator Niantic Labs Is Trying Its Hand At An NBA AR Game

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staff@slashgear.com (Ewdison Then)
2022-06-28 22:01:58

Just like with anything related to basketball and the NBA, there is also a commercial element in “NBA All-World,” with an even bigger potential than any of Niantic’s games so far. Visiting locations like sporting goods stores will give players access to accessories and items to put on virtual basketball players. Again, merchandising is something basketball fans are familiar with, and this could be a lucrative market for NBA, Niantic, and even advertisers.

To some extent, there is almost a metaverse atmosphere to “NBA All-World,” one that is stronger than that of “Pokemon GO.” In addition to the gaming aspect itself, the virtual space has plenty of opportunities for brands to advertise and profit in collaborations. There’s also a serving of fashion in the experience, especially with shoes that people love to collect, whether in reality or in virtual reality.

At the moment, however, it’s still all potential as “NBA All-World” doesn’t have a release date yet. Niantic also has a few other games in the works, including its own Tamagotchi-like “Peridot” title. Whether “NBA All-World” will see success where others haven’t remains to be seen, but all the elements are there for a nascent metaverse game.

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