Transcend TS2GCF100I 2GB Industrial Compact Flash Card by Transcend

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Price: $34.89

Transcend 2GB Ultra Speed Industrial CompactFlash (CF) Card

The Ultra Speed Industrial CompactFlash (Type I) memory card comes in 2GB, specially designed to meet the strict demands of high-end equipment and machines that run at extreme temperatures. Aside from excellent temperature flexibility, this card is exceptionally resistant to shock, vibration and dust, while consuming less power and maintaining ultra fast data transfer speed. Superb compatibility and durability makes it suitable for use in standard PCMCIA-ATA equipped devices such as industrial PCs, embedded systems, medical instruments, factory automation systems, network infrastructures and other industrial equipment.

Item-Type: – CompactFlash (CF) Card
Item-Part-No#: TS2GCF100I
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Year
Transcend 2GB Ultra Speed Industrial CompactFlash (CF) Card
Designed to run at extreme temperatures
High shock resistance
Low power consumption
Ultra fast data transfer speed

Price effective as of Jan 11,2023 15:00:09 UTC

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