Hitachi FUP0009 Fuel Pump Assembly

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Hitachi’s Fuel Pumps (FUPs) are the bloodline of a vehicle’s fuel delivery system, sending a constant supply of pressurized fuel from the tank to the fuel system. Our pumps create and maintain an accurate positive pressure in the fuel lines, pushing fuel to the engine. Using a combination or high strength steel alloy and aluminum our pumps keep weight at a minimum while increasing reliability. Designed to meet the exact needs of each specific vehicle, Hitachi’s fuel pumps are the premium choice.
Fit type: Vehicle Specific
Package Dimensions: 20.828 H x 37.083 L x 26.67 W (centimetres)
Country of Origin : Japan
Package Weight: 3.3 pounds

Price effective as of Jan 16, 2023 07:00:09 UTC

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