GOWENIC GB Link USB3.0 Controller Converter, SNAC Adapter Mister IO Module Development Board Game Console Accessories for Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance

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How to Use:
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Item Type: For SNAC USB 3.0 Controller Adapter
Material: PCB
Suitable For Gameboy Color For Gameboy Advance
1. Only Compatible With for IO BOARD 6.1 IO DIGITAL 1.2 And Higher
2. These Controller Specific Adapters Are Only Available USB For SNAC Adapters

Package List:
1 x For SNAC USB 3.0 Controller Adapter1 x USB Extension Cable
1 x Adaptor Board

USB3.0 VERSION: For SNAC USB 3.0 controller adapter is a USB 3.0 version that allows console specific input devices to be connected to your for MISTer, enabling native controller connectivity by using a separate adapter.
PERFECT EXPERIENCE: For SNAC handle adapter provides an experience as close as possible to being on the original hardware that supports the for MISTer core. Each specific for SNAC controller adapter is only available for its respective core.
NO LATENCY IN GAMING: For SNAC controller adapter looks for zero frame input latency to provide the best experience for game enthusiasts who need to play accurately without latency using the original controller.
WORK WITH CONTROLLER: For Mister IO board adapter can be used with for Zapper, for Super Scope 6 and for Sega Master System Light Shoter controllers, but only with the console’s original controller when using an analog CRT screen.
FOR MISTER SNAC SUPPORT: For SNAC handle adapter is professional, for MiSTer SNAC support is enabled for the following cores, including for Sega Master System, for Genesis Mega Drive, for Mega CD, for Atari 7800 and for TurboGrafx 16 TurboGrafx CD.

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