Nanoleaf LED shapes and light bars now sync with Corsair gaming products

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Steve Dent
2022-10-06 06:00:31

Nanoleaf, known for its modular wall lighting tiles, has teamed up with gaming company Corsair to make your setup more immersive and colorful. A new integration called Nanoleaf x CORSAIR lets you sync up Nanoleaf’s smart lights to in-game explosions, actions and sounds.

The integration works with Corsair’s portfolio of peripherals, including keyboards, gaming mice and headsets. Much as you can with your keyboard or PC peripheral lights, you’ll be able to program lighting effects on your wall using the Nanoleaf or Corsair iCue apps on your desktop. To give a flavor, they have names like “Rainbow Wave” and “Rain,” similar to what you may have seen for keyboard lighting effects.

Nanoleaf LED shapes and light bars now sync with Corsair gaming products


To set it up, you install the iCUE software, then switch on the Nanoleaf integration and add Nanoleaf to iCUE lighting. At that point, everything will work together and provide “synchronized lighting across your whole setup,” according to Nanoleaf. 

Nanoleaf offers kits for gamers, and already offers integration with Razer (using Synapse 3) and MSI via Mystic Light — so working with Corsair’s peripherals seems a natural extension of this. Aside from creating some extra vibes for game environments, they’ll let you get even more creative with your lighting setup.

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