Secret Agencies in Gov. Have HIDDEN UFO Tech for Years

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36 responses to “Secret Agencies in Gov. Have HIDDEN UFO Tech for Years”

  1. Gaia says:

    To learn more watch the new "Beyond Disclosure" mini-series FREE:

  2. My straight question and prime source of disbelief is why it is always shown that only US is working on some secret societies or some service who has greater info. Why can't it be with Africans or Egyptians or subcontinent or Nordic countries which has greater heritage and culture, has some secret organisations or people having such higher info… What did those migrated Europeans do to get such a knowledge…


  4. Jerry Larson says:

    Why is non human Sentian Beings eons old and technology vehicle of convyence that are vastly superior to the Adamic Race scary. Belive in Jesus God ect . Well there is the answear.

  5. Moon Pies says:

    I dont believe it's the government, but the government is involved. The government is full of too many holes to keep a secret of this magnitude for so long… but a private organization could 100% do so.

  6. I AM SOLO says:

    come to New Zealand I'll show you what's in the mountains on the coast lines

  7. Brahmin89 says:

    The Vatican library will hold every

  8. Joel Giles says:

    I dont need government for what i have seen

  9. So annoying… we pay for all this of course. But we have to right to know apparently.

  10. ROLAND says:

    You would think that most employees working at the Pentagon have very long careers. The theory is if they cannot disclose for 30 years, that time starts when they retire, and assuming that is at an older age, perhaps 60s or 70s, by that time whoever knows any secrets don't care to disclose and take them to their grave.

  11. Its2point0 says:

    Government agencies require funding. Their funding doesn't come from nowhere. As a result they make funding reports which always visible to the public, due to the public wanting to know where their tax money is going. If there was a secret agency soaking up hundreds of millions annually, we would know in a heartbeat.

  12. I was a career soldier. I left active duty in March, 2014, and also graduated with an MBA the same month. My life was ending in one regard and beginning in the same motion. The only contention was the economy. Getting out of the service was a little scary facing the uncertainty so I applied to jobs with no luck for the next few months until my unemployment checks ran out. No luck at all. Hundreds of resumes and no calls or interviews that didn't lead to any offers. I was in a bad place mentally. Depression kicked in pretty hard and I felt like suicide was the answer as I still had my military life insurance and I thought the money was better for my family then me being jobless.

    Now, here if you pay attention, is the steps to ego death. I began a process of looking back through my life as I sat there in my basement with my loaded AR15 in front of me. I was a family man, having raised three kids and was a well accomplished soldier. The more I looked over my life, the angrier I got. Until, finally I yelled out, "God, why have you forsaken me". Tears were rolling down my cheeks and I immediately felt a warmth in my body and I could feel a presence with me. I felt my tears being wiped from my face and the warmth began to spread to my spine. Here it traveled up to my head and my head began to tingle. Instantly I was propelled into a series of visions. I was looking at myself in my past. I was shown my life in key moments and was able to view my thoughts as well as the thoughts of others at the same exact time. In doing so, I was able to see that whenever people come together and there is an interaction, both parties always rationalize their choice of words and their actions are rationalized to the same degree. I looked out the window from my basement and in the distance I could see a brilliant white orb in the sky that then disappeared into the clouds.

    For the next three days, I was at peace with the universe. I seemed to be connected to something as any question I would ask myself, I would get an answer pop up in my head that would be very convincing. I sat there and wrote a book for the first two days. On day three, I had a thought about camping, and when I went to wake my wife up, the first thing she says is that she had a dream about us camping. I saw this as a sign and said to her, "Let's go today". So, that is what we did. Without a plan, just went to Wal-Mart and bought sleeping bags, a tent, and all the items we thought we would need and headed towards Mount Rainier.

    Now, we must have stopped at three campsites before we got to the entrance to Mount Rainier National Park. They were all booked up and had no vacancies. The park had two campsites so it was our last hope. After stopping at the kiosk at the entrance to the campsite we had to drive around the park to see if we could find a site that did not have a reservation on it. After an hour of driving, we could not find one open spot. Giving up, we started driving for the exit. All of the sudden, a park ranger steps out on the road in front of us. We slow down and ask him if all the spots are booked up and he replies yes they are sold out. I then ask where I need to go to get a refund as I paid at the kiosk. He told me to stop at a shed near the entrance. We stop, I get out and go up and process the refund. The guy behind the counter stops me as I begin to walk away after the refund is complete. He says, "Hey, we have some primitive campsites outside of the park that are free if you are interested". I look on the map he shows me, and my wife agrees that we came to camp so camping is what we are going to do.

    Now, as we pull in to this primitive campsite off the grid, we are alone. It is right next to a river and I ask my wife if it looked like her dream and she replied, "yes this is exactly what my dream looked like". I felt as if I was going to receive a message sometime during our trip, but nothing could prepare me for the events that would take place that night.

    So, around 10:00pm me and my wife decide to lay down. The kids were already sleeping, so we both got into our sleeping bags and were looking straight up in the sky as you could see the sky through the top of the tent which had that mosquito netting allowing for a perfect view of the night sky. As we watched, a brilliantly lit, white sphere went right over the top of us, a few hundred feet above the trees. It made no sound but was quite the sight to see. I looked at my wife and said, "What was that", to her reply "I am going to bed". I got out of the tent as fast as I could and by the time I got out to look for the object, it was gone. I tried staying up for another hour keeping the fire going, but nothing unusual happened. Finally, I returned to the tent and went to sleep. I do not know how long I was asleep, but the next thing I know, my wife is waking me up saying she hears two people talking behind the tent. I stand up and look around knowing that people would need flashlights to navigate the forest and did not hear anything or anyone. I asked her "Are you sure", to her reply "Yes", and my son chimes in and confirms that he heard them too. So, now everyone is spooked and we all went to the car to sleep out the rest of the night.

    I waited for my family to fall asleep and looked at the clock just before I fell asleep that read @. As soon as I sleep I am propelled into this extremely vivid dream. It is me, I am on all fours in a sort of praying position and in front of me I can see legs and feet. The being in front of me is large, I would say twice my size. The skin is blue and hairless. I attempt to look up to see who is in front of me and something is restraining me from looking up too far. I ask the being, "Who are you"? The being responds, but the way in which it responds is telepathically. I can see these illuminated golden symbols pass through my mind and I catch myself mimicking what is being conveyed as I utter the word "God". I asked it, "Why have you brought me here"?

    Instantly I was propelled into a vision where I see a woman and two children in a horrific scene. They are huddled in the corner of a kitchen as the scene spans out I can see that the building their in has been bombed. The vision keeps spanning out as I get a clearer picture of what is transpiring and I see tanks down the road approaching the house with the woman and children in. There are soldiers walking next to the tanks wearing gas masks. The scene spans out to the entire globe and I see the explosions from bombs all over the place. I came out of the vision crying. I said, "I don't understand". Here a shorter vision is shown where I see the same type of illuminated orbs that I saw the night before coming off the planet while it was still calm. I took this vision as some people will be saved before the end.

    I tell the being, "I do not understand", and am put in another vision. This time I can see that I am in Jerusalem. Only war has already hit here as the buildings are blown up and the entire city seems deserted. I see me then I am put in first person view where I start walking down a path. This path leads to a wall. Along the wall there is a giant green door. I walk up to the door and knock on it three times. A man dressed in all black with a black beard answers. I lift up my left hand and show him an olive tree branch and say, "I come in peace, may I enter". He steps aside and says, "Yes, we have been awaiting you". He then leads me to the dome of the rock and then takes me in the building down to the basement. Here the bedrock is exposed and he bends down to gesture for me to inspect some of the rock that seemed discolored. I reach down to touch the rock and the entire vision goes white. I am then back in front of the blue being, more confused than ever. I shake my head and say, "I do not understand, who am I". The being then shows me with it's hands, a hologram of a headshot of Jesus with a crown of thorns. I shake my head at it and say, "I don't understand", to which the hologram morphs into a reflection of me and I am looking at myself. The dream ends with a bright white light and I wake up in the car. The time reads @.

    I look out my car window and the same orb UFO from the night before is there a few thousand feet above me. It moves to the top of Mount Rainier, hovers, and just as I was about to wake my wife to show her it returned, it shoots straight up in the air like a bullet out of a gun. We pack up the car and left from camping shortly afterwards. I told my wife about the dream on the way back home. Now, I was atheist before this encounter and came out with more questions. This drove me to study and learn and that is exactly what I have been doing for the years since. I know who they are now. They are the shining ones. I have written threads on the subject matter, but make no mistake, these beings are here, they watch us, and there are things at stake in this life. Your soul being one of them…

    I desire to get this story out to as many people as possible. I am ready to come out of private life and to come public with my story. If any reputable agency would like to interview me, please contact me on here, I will respond…

  13. Matt says:

    Nah no way.. Everyone should blindly trust and believe their government they wouldn't tell any lies to trick and persuade the people..
    Me;< Being Hawaiian and Comanche personally knowing full well about historical facts…

  14. I couldn't help but notice the Mods are deleting comments.

  15. Mu ddy says:

    Billions of years ago at one point in humanity's time, we were able to successfully colonize Mars,Venus, Star Planets,etc. We have the moon colonized already and we've only been civilized for no more than 10,000 years.with certain prolific figures threw out humanity's history we were able to excel mentally at rapid speeds.this time is different,To conquer the stars is our history a billion years ago.This time is different.

  16. Decadesper generation

  17. The Phenom says:

    The U.S is built upon secrecy and hypocrisy for sure. Although i don't believe it has anything to do with aliens, but rather all the datas that they "collected", all the forbidden science, weapons, secret operations and organizations which started wars.. And so on.

  18. Sproutup Llc says:

    Why every and all UFO, ET things come only to USA? Why not Europe or Asia or Arab world. Why?

  19. The CIA, the NSA, IRA, the IRS, NRA, the SSA, the AFL-CIO, and the EIEIO

  20. Mula says:

    A felony!!! Damn they’ll never confirm our ability to simply travel to other planets. Something that our military does on a regular basis. Dr. Gilbert Blair look him up…

  21. METHOS says:

    Well right now the biggest problem is the democrats!! Let's get rid of them then continue

  22. The federal government is a place where a majority of the politicians spend more time with lobbyists than in session doing their jobs. It’s corrupted and compromised and half the nation is asinine and ignorant to understand that their reality is fabricated and the main stream “everything” from media to sports is a distraction. How can we trust a government that defies common sense and understanding in their ethics, understanding and judgements. No morals, values or God fearing people that let greed, selfishness and pleasures of the body dictate their principles if you want to call it that. It’s easy to be bad. Hard to be a good person. You rock brother! Keep doing the good work. 🙉🙊🙈

  23. Allen Benz says:

    JANAP 146 mandated that all UFO reports coming from the military be sent to NORAD,

  24. These aliens do not trust America's government, so another one had been created!!! I'm guessing???

  25. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

  26. They already reached Mars long time ago! and even beyond! To them (the secret govt) the ordinary unknowing humans are just playthings

  27. I Live In The Southern Cali Desert. Sitting Outside One Nite I Saw What Looked Like A Tic Tac Ufo On Fire Go Rich Over My Head. I could See Clearly That The front Was White Round Solid And The Back Was Charred With Flames Shooting Off Of It . Did Not Hear A Ctash No Reports At All.

  28. RA says:

    this video just said that there are so many more secret ageniecs and we dont know they exist

  29. Pete Fonseca says:

    You've got a bigger problem..why don't you go March about how you can't breath

  30. Tice Mayn says:

    Lmao everybody knows this.. SMH!!

  31. Mark Cooper says:

    Daniel 9:27
    27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for 1 week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.
    I believe we are in those last 7 years that this verse is talking about. God said to look for signs in the heaven for his sons soon return
    Luke 21:25
    25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring
    That sign is the Revelation 12 Sign
    Revelation 12:1-2
    1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of 12 stars
    2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered
    Which appeared on Sept. 23rd, 2017 and when we add the 1260 days (mentioned in Revelation 12:6) We get March 6th, 2021 which is the beginning of the 7 years
    Revelation 12:6
    6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a 1260 Days.
    To back up the Revelation 12 Sign we look to Matthew 24:32-36 which talks about God sending is son back within a Generation of Israel (Fig Tree) getting their land back (1948)
    Matthew 24:32-34
    32 Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh
    33 So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.
    34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled.
    We find out how long a Generation is mentioned in Psalms 90:10
    10 The days of our years are 70; and if by reason of strength they be 80 years yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.
    Add 80+1948= 2028 this is when Jesus is returning.

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