They Can't Hide NOW! NASA Can't Explain What Was Captured Off The Coast Of Antarctica! 2019-2020

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37 responses to “They Can't Hide NOW! NASA Can't Explain What Was Captured Off The Coast Of Antarctica! 2019-2020”

  1. looks like a commercial airline

  2. RAINBOW DASH says:

    Yeah it was pretty cloudy over the Atlantic that day but which means I can go faster without burning myself.

  3. Bottom 2 links no longer work

  4. VegasRider says:

    Just google atmospheric kelvin waves, plenty of images of them including multiples. I am sure you could have figured this out without having to come up with crazy ideas for what you think you see. Yes it's natural.

  5. RC MINDSET says:

    Plane under the cloud seems logical to me.

  6. You'll just delete my comments but here… I did the research you should have done… for you.

  7. This isn't the first time cloud formations of that nature have been photographed either.

    But will you post a video redacting your baseless claims… Nooooo, of course not.

    because your shameless liars out for views.

  8. They are called undulatis clouds… btw.

  9. These guys don't know shit. Baseless assertions routing back to an assumed conclusion… nothing more.

  10. Stephen Fink says:

    Possible engine tests for a spy aircraft? That would be my first thought…

  11. 5-G-eo Engineering ? Geo-graphics . a small text can change minds.. Words reveal them selfs at the end. Just play with context.

  12. Seb Gibbs says:

    so a plane couldnt cause this?

  13. my people says:

    It's caused by the peak of a mountain ⛰ poking through the clouds

  14. BabyFruitBat says:

    It's a large meteor making a glancing blow into the clouds. As it is in the Southern Ocean nobody would have seen or heard it.

  15. Aidan Hill says:

    Holy fuck, how are all of you this dense? It's mountain waves.

  16. Congrats on your 15 minutes of fame.

  17. I suspect the clouds are very low and a very tall building is in the way as the clouds pass around thus making the clouds look like that.

  18. Daren Palmer says:

    only logical explanation I can think of is a meteorite strike, or re entering space junk/craft.

  19. Those are most likely what are called “wave clouds” created by the effect of a peak disturbing air flow. They are commonly seen around islands. I would’ve named them “wake cloud” myself, as the effect is similar in the air to what we see in water when flowing back from boat or whale. Why don’t we see this effect around islands in the water? Because air moves a lot faster than water.

  20. Keith Fronk says:

    Wave clouds: HOWEVER: I find it interesting that the links for the images are now 404 NOT FOUND…

  21. glowsticky says:

    Telsa talked about this!! This isn't hard to believe or understand technology we have known about for years and how it works.

  22. Tyrant482 says:

    The silver server 😜🤔 good video, thank you.

  23. Great Oak says:

    It does NOT start from a point. The craft, or what ever it is, is traveling from lower left to upper right. NOT from the upper right point to the lower left.

    It looks like the kind or wave action you'd see from a boat on the water.

    It looks like the affect of a really fast moving airplane, possibly SR-71. Yes they are still flying a couple of them.

  24. Arky Haynes says:


  25. Yosiah C says:

    I feal it be Nafarius EMF , SOUND , weapon wave testing ? Ripples ?

  26. My opinion space force is a way to soft disclose of actually what they do have already and the tip of wake looks like a future warp drive look up a video of future warp drive and how the drive can warp space to create a push behind ship. Kinda like creating a wave to ride on. The tip if you look closely even has a very light blue glow just within the clouds as if where a boat would be in a wake in the water. The best place to test a super large craft with no wind tunnel available for the craft due to its size. The speed of an air space craft to create a wake in the sky like that would astrnomical, ant to create a wake that wide that craft must be huge.

  27. heavy surfacewind blowing clouds around an island

  28. UFO Source says:

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  29. Mysterious ripples in clouds over Antarctica that were photographed from ISS and provoked wild conspiracy theories are caused by ISLANDS, say meteorologists

  30. IT IS cloud movement touching top of Norway's Bouvet Island…. mystery solved… my work here is done…

  31. The "demonstrators" are warning the terrestrials of the asteroid's "wake" that results from the "repair" of Fukusteina. That wake is a cloud scraper and will demolish all shoreline NPP's worldwide requiring further "repair mechanisms" that will cause a "Glow-Ball" chain reaction. "Beware the MIC"-Eisenhower. The crop circles explain everything including the formula for neutralizing the melt-ups which requires HUGE amounts of gold and a couple other elements (A ShipMINT). You weren't allowed to destroy the planets ability to sustain life as per the "Whirled Lord" (see crop circles). What is the half life of MOX fuel? That is why an asteroid is a good investment for the future and you aren't.

  32. Dave Keeler says:

    A high mountain on an island off of South America

  33. A giant Angel's wings in flight cutting through the thick clouds. Lol 😇

  34. GUFON says:

    Its got to be aliens. Alien ship, alien tech, aliens, aliens, aliens etc. I wonder if its alien technology. Maybe its an alien ship like a UFO? Im gonna ask the expert, Jaime Maussan since he is an expert on bullcrap. The Best on the subject. Lol

  35. René' Cruz says:

    ☁️🏄🏂 Surfing with the Alien by Joe Satriani album, Silver Surfer was surfing there!

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