UFO Hunters: SHOCKING Alien Harvest Baffles Experts (S2, E19) | Full Episode

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It’s a disturbing pattern that’s been going on for the past 40 years–thousands of cows seemingly slaughtered in the same strange, …


29 responses to “UFO Hunters: SHOCKING Alien Harvest Baffles Experts (S2, E19) | Full Episode”

  1. sparky9c22 says:

    Whatever happens, keep your FAITH in Jesus Christ and in yourself!

  2. Josiag Hylnd says:

    Ask yourselves. Why wasn't a camera put on the cow after he saw that more had been removed the day after the first time? This is the stuff that people need to start pushing back on.

  3. Azn Mien says:

    sounds like a prank… alien harvest sounds fake..

  4. Seems as though with today’s technology there should’ve been some kind of drone or some kind of camera that could’ve captured what happened

  5. It’s scary because what was done to the cows is psycho pathic the cows suffered they demobilize them paralyzed them but they could still feel everything there’s been evidence so that’s how most of the cows died it wasn’t an act of mercy at all we as humans need to be more afraid of what it is out there that shows no feelings or compassion that’s the scariest thing for humans what has no emotion whether it’s a human a monster a colt or a tease we have to be scared of what shows no compassion or feelings

  6. Break Bread says:

    No cameras installed? Yea ok nice one guys

  7. Scott S. says:

    It's time to put a GoPro on all the cattle

  8. The Dulse base has been doing human and Gray splicing, the Illuminati have dune splicing Grey's & illuminati & human Animal splicing . That's where the strange critters are coming from , just look in to the Dluce files !!!! They found a human baby covered with Cow hide hair with a horrible head deformed ! Look it up please 🥺😢😢😢

  9. This makes me think it has to be people into occult. Now there are people of foreign countries that eat eye balls and tongue. Mexicans have sold me a beef tongue meal the tongue not fat, and it’s a fantastic piece of meat. I was raised by Inez and Dewey Dover of Berea, SC they cooked all parts of cattle but not the hog. Some people eat the guts of a hog and I can’t get past the smell of the process of cleaning hog guts. I never liked gizzards either. Now my mountain hillbilly families they cook and eat just about anything, snake I never ate. A friend of mine that works at Duke Power he hunted poison snakes in old smoke stakes, had he ever been bitten yes but he wore protective wear and you never hunt snakes without snake bite kits.

  10. Well, cow tongue and cow eyes are both good to eat. Maybe there's a homeless gourmet on the loose?

  11. Animals come and take the soft tissue first and thats what you have here.

  12. TrinkaD says:

    I love this show, and I'm a believer, but this episode bothers me for more than just the suffering of the cattle and their owners. We live in the age of technology, and nobody has thought to use surveillance cameras with night vision? 27 mutilated cows, and no cameras? Come on! Dude said he used a metal detector, and the metal kept moving. You have access to cameras, film it! If you want to prove this is the work of aliens, document everything, don't just expect us to take your word for it. This is 2022, we all carry cameras in our pockets, and camcorders have been around since 1983.

  13. T R says:

    Terrible program and cast.


  15. no one ever thought of placing a camera. why no camera. DUHHHHH. CAMERAS. i find it hard to believe no one thought of placing a camera

  16. The army base is home to the chemical biological and nuclear branch.

  17. J M says:

    What was that shadowy figure walking from right to left in the background around 36:38 if I'm correct?

  18. A.I. in the making .
    Question is
    For Who?

  19. Yoda Z says:

    Unfortunate…. Better cows than humans…. Have they learned, we are sentient….. Clearly they don't care about life…. They don't care to cause suffering…. We need to hunt these saucers and shoot them down…

  20. Jesse Bauer says:

    I'm with Kevin in the belief that the government is doing it.

  21. I was wondering, have you guys ever been visited by the men in black?

  22. Texin37 says:

    will never catch them.

  23. Chris Young says:

    at 36:37 a chupacabra walks behind Bill in the woods.

  24. Cartelling says:

    Yet they never put up a hunting camera or something to catch it on film

  25. They’re harvesting for food or medical purposes. They’re said to have big eyes so I speculate that they’re using the eyes for transplant. I personally have 6 inches of bovine aorta and valve that’s kept me alive since 2005. Many cow parts are avascular and can be transplanted without fear of rejection.
    The problem is some cows cost $20k and some are a $1200 but the aliens aren’t paying a dime

  26. I saw one in Utah we were on four wheel drive trails and there it was just like what was in this video

  27. ijams sum says:

    We are spirit beings and so are the ETs so the grays wish to live as humans do by reincarnating into human hybrid baby born on Earth but they must use relatives because they could not survive birth in Earths high oxygen content !
    The grays envy our emotions and our powerful spirit !

    Perhaps they need cattle blood to do there DNA splicing ?

  28. After Anna- we recoursed satans Commander of demon Legions- He selected my cousin by birth Michelle to birth him. Again- he immediatly retracted when he realized that she was not the daughter of a god. Ill tell you why he thought she was. Michelles mom is a proper mother and always wants to teach her daughter appropriations. At times of parties- Michelles mom records gift giving to always send a thank you card. On earth, no thank you card bothers people so much, that In Isadore, we had an electronic thank you card hollogram tablet installed so that people can send them. We never had that in Isadore before, we promote conversation- verbal thank you and we dont have that much paper. So a perfect solution was a holligram thank you card adaption. With Michelle, who has a great brith family, her mom records amounts that people give to her. Anyone who knows Michelle can see that makes her uncomfortable. Her mom does it for the right reasons, she wants to make sure that people get a thank you card. I have perosonally sent them in a general measure- thank you for the git, and it does offend people sometimes if their exact gift is not listed.

  29. Does no one have a hunting trail camera on their property that would have picked up some sort of activity by now?

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