Man Attends 'Storm Area 51' And Ends Up In The Past

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22 responses to “Man Attends 'Storm Area 51' And Ends Up In The Past”

  1. Is this a true story?

  2. pls make a new episode

  3. I'm from the year 2019 as well 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Dom Xem says:

    Such an interesting plot

  5. Goati says:

    If he had his phone, that would be simultaneously the most valuable AND possibly dangerous device on earth at the time. The government would IMMEDIATELY dissect and seek to reverse engineer the phone, using any stored history and information to further their ends. He would also probably either be killed or kept in a secure facility. (Can’t blame them for keeping him away from the general public, he very well may have a form of time radiation or something that could hurt people OR would mess with the timeline in a detrimental way.)

  6. Zank84 says:

    I am from 2021 and I will warn you somw things, a bad person will be elected president in 2016 and then at the very end of 2019 a pandemic will start, December 31st 2019 COVID-19 we call it, will start. It will go on for 2 years but in January 21st 2021, we luckily get a new president

  7. Pedro Braga says:

    3:53 What number do I call?

  8. Legit I do believe the government is hiding things like timetravel and people that are already on Mars since in 1942 the nazis actually where experiencing with time travel
    But look at Apple watches
    They are like a phone but small
    And flat screen tv's
    If the roswell incident didn't happen and got the technology from it

    We would still have TV's that used glass tubes that look like short tube lights

  9. moll. says:

    he sounds scottish, italian, and german all at once

  10. Perhaps, he is the one who makes Loony Toons renamed into Loony Tunes so, it's a predestination paradox.

  11. tobaji says:

    Come on Squirrel Monkey with 2020 going as crazy as it is, it's almost mandatory for you to make a 2020 version including the Utah Monolith, the asteroid over Japan and the rest of the nuts stuff we've been seen… You could even make 2 videos from it, there's plenty of material from this year… Please 🙏🏽

  12. Please tell me this is made up 😅

  13. 이진걸 says:

    Planet "이상한 행성" lol

  14. after 33 years
    Margaret Seymour: watching this tape on his phone How… How I dared to laughing at him? He was right… Cameras in Telephones… Facebook… Gosh, I was so stupid! And why do it ever happened?

  15. Wendy Flores says:


  16. Exojahblade says:

    From the year 21xx

    Apparently there's a bunch of robots called reploids running around and some of them have gone maverick!

    Holy shit Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero is real guys!!

  17. Moisés says:

    Now THIS is a banger.

  18. DerpDerp3001 says:

    If Polandball was invented in the 90s?

  19. Leozy says:

    I feel bad for the time traveler

  20. Everything he said sounds ridiculous!

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