I-Team: Man who detailed UFO secrets decades ago helped launch Area 51 stampede

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26 responses to “I-Team: Man who detailed UFO secrets decades ago helped launch Area 51 stampede”

  1. Psychodfunk says:

    I’m always back and forth with Lazar

  2. #Lazar2024 let’s get him access again

  3. Ryan L says:

    Jeremy Corbell should not be given a prominent role in these types of discussions – he is too quick to make claims that are not fully substantiated.

  4. TurboBMR says:

    has george gotten an award yet? this guy is a national treasure.

  5. Jason Ford says:

    American rip off merch

  6. ilyas G. says:

    There is a Theme wine at a brothel got me rolling on the floor xD hahaha

  7. Joel Pineda says:

    They say that he's not profiting from the documentary. Well today we know the truth. And I guess it wasn't enough..cuz he is selling his UFO drawings online lol. Wat a joke.

  8. AV8 says:

    S4 shows up in non-commercial imagery, .gov sources included in video. Story was also independently verified by USAF Captain David Fruehauf, a former SR-71 pilot and Area 51 employee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YeBYIt7R9c

  9. Alex Demaree says:

    Bob could be Stephen king's brother just by gene's lol freaky shit peeps 😂

  10. KiiDshy says:

    Amazing lmao finally THEY KNOW

  11. So Lazar did send a sample of the fuel used by UFO's Element 115 to be tested. I wonder what the results are, and the FBI is trying to recover that sample.

  12. melonheadr says:

    Don't care what anyone says he is a lier. He must work for the government for miss information cos element 1 15 has come out since

  13. We owe you a great deal of gratitude 🙏 we got it from here!

  14. My guess is Bob was half truthful in 89 and then the other guy decades later took him on a freak show, pumped up the story and blaged this new ufo craving generation

  15. Sy Kabir says:

    I think in Independence Day the scientist who was based in Area 51 was loosely based on Dennis.

  16. ruipx says:

    Bob "Liar" Lazar

  17. Synapse2k says:

    Lazar speaks truth

  18. Tj uk says:

    The aliens gave us DMT lol

  19. He’s always refused to take money for his story and only someone who has everything to lose and nothing to gain because if he took money then that would be used against him.

  20. Jim Dunn says:


  21. Element 115 is not a fuel for UFOs…. LOLOLOLOL…. Its an element that is needed for a perpetual energy propulsion system in UFOs…
    The public is so ignorant…. 🤦🏾‍♂️…
    This means these UFOs DONT NEED FUEL!

  22. it's genius clap clap to u mate

  23. Bob Lazar is telling the truth element 115 is the proof

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