Area 51 Weather Stations: What Are They Really For? – An Investigation by Glenn Campbell

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43 responses to “Area 51 Weather Stations: What Are They Really For? – An Investigation by Glenn Campbell”

  1. Dan Williams says:

    The reno weather station same as fox news has a locked foyer, after I stopped in they put up no tresspassing signs, our tax dollars at work, are they hiding a meth lab in there?

  2. Dan Williams says:

    Tonopah; dumbs deep undergrounds, and so much more!


  3. blahh says:

    The video title should be called exposing area 51

  4. susana venir says:

    Wish you were still with us, Glenn. You made me laugh and you made me think. I am grateful. And when I went into cancer treatment, you made me able and lively and curious. I have no doubt I'm alive because of it. "Gratitude" fails as a word for how I feel toward you for that, not because I am alive, but because I am lively.

  5. Hobo & Co says:

    So sad to hear Glenn has passed away R.I.P A true area 51 legend.

  6. Tim Sorbs says:

    Godspeed Mr. Campbell.

  7. So sad to learn of Glenn's passing , my thoughts are with his friend's and family , i have watched most of his content on area 51 throughout the year's and his work will live on he is a very investigative man and helped produce the best content on the base , rest in peace buddy .

  8. Mr Pell says:

    Rest in peace, Glenn.

    My thoughts are with your friends and family. Your legacy will live on in these 0’s and 1’s. Your content will forever be ours to enjoy.

  9. AstralKing says:

    I’ve followed Glenn since the Desert Rat days in the 90s. I’ve always found him knowledgeable, engaging and entertaining. As a pure journalist, I think he could have been something. The man has a nose for news and is a top-notch investigator. If he has a problem, it’s that he fails to hide his power level. I liked the nod to Freedom Ridge and White Sides mountains when he spoke of the closer vantage points one could access in the 90s. What he doesn’t tell you, of course, [but what anyone who follows him knows] is that his actions – and, more importantly, his broadcasting of his actions – were integral to that land being removed from the public domain. He certainly wasn’t alone in bringing attention to those places, but there’s no doubt that he was the LOUDEST voice publicizing them. That, combined with his other “Area 51 Research” center activities, caused a massive stir around the facility.

  10. Your video wasn't available for a while and I thought that was really unfortunate. Very excited and happy to see it's back. It's a wonderful and educational video.

  11. 9:41 Lear is a delusional person .

  12. Teedious says:

    I had to use a VPN to see this vid

  13. uruG Sandhu says:

    All the abbreviations I learnt from the video along with other things. (DRI, BLM, DOD, CEMP, NOAA, DOE, ……..)
    Even though video is 5 years old, I honestly think Glenn should take this video to a law firm and build a case under FOIA with a fund me page or donations from all who watched this video or agree with him and try and find the answers or at least save the bunnies in the process.
    Thanks for the video and being the one to notice things where others don't.
    (BTW 356 DRI employees gave it thumbs down)

  14. $$$$$ is gained in great amounts just like the DB COOPER CASE!

  15. yeap 24 7 they are watching me that for sure even talk 24?
    /7 for the last 23 years followed even longer…

  16. 6680SOG says:

    Very interesting and intriguing!!!!!

  17. I see all what they but they think they're slick but they're not

  18. F*** then they all can go to hell I know how to hack into the camera systems

  19. "Peak-a-boo Peak" lol Area 51 reminds me of that movie where a group went to hunt down a signal at an abandoned house and then they were being watched by aliens disguised as humans

  20. Pharaoh says:

    This comment has been removed from Youtube by request of the Cammo Dudes

  21. A spectrum analyzer would help you figure out what kind of RF is being sent from that station.

  22. TJ Spidal says:

    missiles come in cases that look similar to that really big telescope camera. keep pushing buttons, see where it gets you. everything you want to see is underground and some south, some north, of groom lake region.
    by way military people' from area 51 and 52. I know how to make it fly, I know what is inside the box you can't open. I know how it is put together and that once it is together it cannot be opened again.

  23. Good Video. Book Please! Back to Topic A you know Airman Charles Hall was a weather specialist out on the ranges. More recently a researcher spoke to some retired servicemen who served with Hall. Apparently the weather & wind specialists were withdrawn after a recommendation by one of Halls replacements. Today noone lives at Creech, everyone drives back to Nellis in Las Vegas when their shift is done. 'Spooky'. It's o.k. to be skeptical when it comes to ufos and aliens, it's not o.k. to be cynical.

  24. Andy V says:

    Who's here as preparations for the raid?

  25. Joe Shmoe says:

    Really appreciate all the research you've done. This is definitely some of the best, most detailed available. Too bad they forced you to stop 🙁 Hope youre doing well

  26. DEVAR says:

    Idk bro… this guy sounds like an alien to me

  27. tikab says:

    uhm.. thanks for stomping all over the delicate and fragile mosses of iceland. did you not see the signs???

  28. Merica says:

    nice to see they send a jet for one man

  29. Gib says:

    Fantastic video, sharing it on my FB.

  30. leadhesh says:

    Luckily we can fly drones now 😎

  31. Ruthypops1 says:

    Surely the owners of the Little Ale'Inn would know when that "weather station" security camera was installed outside the bar, and who installed it. Why didn't he just ask the owners

  32. Brilliant, loved every minute.

  33. lets just get a meet up growing globally and get over 1m people to meet up and flood area 51 see what happens someones bound to come out alive lol

  34. Ingo Swan says:

    Please go to Edwards AFB . Please bring the sexy stash back. I have personally seen some crazy things outside near Edwards AFB. Conspiracy is not a theory.

  35. ammobake says:

    $1100 for a camera that captures at a resolution you could never possibly use for a webcam without high-speed internet that doesn't exist there, on an internet bandwidth that doesn't even update the image for 2 hours at a time, on a camera that captures 30 frames per second in high def, with a 40x zoom that no webcam would ever use because a standard webcam would basically be looking at 3 pixels at that point.  Nothing to see here at all….WTH?

  36. Imagine looking on that fixed camera and seeing a pole with a camera on it I would shit myself

  37. Mr SWR says:

    That was quite entertaining till that creepy “I suffer from …” a screaming wee voice is a hard watch I’d have given it a miss in the edit mate. Let’s face it government agencies can be a bit creepy and scary, 99% of the population don’t care, the other half percent realise they are not fooling anyone with these cameras but still don’t care. The last half percent care and we should be thankful that they try and keep these agencies accountable and operating within the law and community interests. In truth I don’t fancy walking within a hundred miles of Area 51 with nuke tests and suggested contamination from burning stuff at the site. Question do these peaks make any sense now that quality high def drones can go vertical from beside it, although I’d be surprised if these was not a ban on drones for hundred of miles.

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