Pros And Cons Of Cars With Panoramic Sunroofs

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Roger Biermann
2023-03-18 08:33:54

The term ‘panoramic sunroof’ is pretty self-explanatory, as ‘panoramic’ means a wide view surrounding the observer, while a sunroof is an openable roof panel of a car. So essentially, a panoramic sunroof is just a bigger version of a traditional sunroof, albeit not always with the same tilting or opening features. Typically extending as wide as possible between the outer structural elements of a car’s roof and usually spanning further forward and backward than normal, this creates the impression of an open roof over the occupants.

While a regular sunroof is positioned in the center of a car’s roof with roof sheeting surrounding it, a panoramic sunroof typically spans the entire width of the roof and, in many cases, butts up against the top of the windshield and reaches aft of, at the very least, the front-seat occupants. In some instances, a car with a dual- or triple-pane sunroof can be considered a panoramic sunroof, as the see-through roof is only split in two to allow a portion of the top to be opened, while the closed configuration allows as much light as possible into the cabin.

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