Tesla Owners Suing EV Maker Over Exorbitant Costs, Maintenance Monopoly

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Jarryd Neves
2023-03-18 07:58:56

While Tesla owners are generally satisfied with their vehicles, lengthy repair times and a lack of options is reportedly a problem within the community. Aside from this, the plaintiff asserts that through its practices, Tesla is using its position to control how owners repair their vehicles.

An excerpt reads that customers are faced with “lengthy delays in repairing or maintaining their electric vehicles, only to pay supracompetitive prices for those parts and repairs once they are finally provided.”

We’ve seen evidence of this before when Tesla quoted a Model 3 driver a whopping $16,000 to replace a damaged battery pack. The owner looked to an independent Tesla workshop, which discovered the vehicle only required a cheap replacement part worth $700.

As a way around the long repair times, some Tesla owners have even resorted to having their cars repaired at GM workshops.

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