Earthlings party at Area 51

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45 responses to “Earthlings party at Area 51”

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  2. From 2023 and i miss this vid, 0:50 wait IS THAT AMONGUS REFFERENCE

  3. DatBoiDos says:

    This reminds me of the failed Area 51 raid on September 20 2019 lmao

  4. Mr. Beast I say you won't move the mob to area 51!

  5. 0:33 bro brings north korean flag 💀💀

  6. Hsd says:

    I miss this it’s been 3 years now

  7. Cosmic Jerry says:

    🛸 👽🚬 👏👏

  8. cursed alien says:

    Truly a simpler time

  9. Exotic g says:

    America is full of Coward we’ll sit here kill each other but y’all scared to run inside of a building and take 6 months

  10. did bro just rise the north korean flag 💀

  11. It's all fun and games until 100 armed guards come there and the party is just silent

  12. Obe Cox says:

    These people are the real aliens

  13. Kobe Suitt says:

    There was probably 20 highly trained snipers dressed like dude with the dog.

  14. Kaiju Fan says:

    I love how there is a random north Korean flag

  15. KalebDaGod says:

    The best moment of history

  16. LittleC13 says:

    clap the alien cheeks

  17. Schlankett says:

    I think these people are stupid enough to think that the north korean flag is an alien nation’s flag

  18. Dwayne says:

    No one got shot just yet😁

  19. Setch says:

    Anybody else see plainrock124 and watched his vlog⬇️

  20. What's the deal with the North Korean flag?🇰🇵

  21. Alex Dzack says:

    Aliens is joke it's didn't I've exist in the no place in the world 100% trust god

  22. It would be likely if Mr. Beast went there 🤣

  23. {([Kaif])} says:

    A bunch of idiots 🙄 doing drama outside a military base..

  24. Ranger 💕 says:

    lol I find this so cool that such a cool event was on my birthday. September 20. I love my birthday now.

  25. yams says:

    my biggest flex is that this happened on my birthday 💪💪

  26. ARandomUser says:

    I like how they have the north korea flag lmfao

  27. Tupapi says:

    March 10 2022 anyone

  28. Besides the few people who got fined and arrested, it was actually really fun lol

  29. Evander G says:

    6 months in federal prison 😂

  30. ishsbdjsjwh says:

    Earthlings 🚬 👴

  31. AMN says:

    I disliked this video because on 0:32, I saw a North Korea flag, they're communists trying to steal US weaponry to Russia and China.

  32. Hunter says:

    The fact people really went there

  33. Olga Flores says:

    lol the North Korea flag

  34. They should have tried, seems like a good group of people to get rid of.

  35. 북한 국기가 왜 거기서 나와? 어이없는

  36. Well that was a stupid idea

  37. the guard should mess with those people by creating silicon alien 😛

  38. Jaitnium says:

    It's the year 2021. This was such a simpler time.

  39. I wish I could have been there

  40. ODST170 says:

    0:09 That "Militarie Sans Frontiere" Soldier tho <3

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