Ford Drive Program Launches To Give Uber Drivers Flexible EV Leases

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2023-06-01 10:43:45

This program is also part of Uber’s zero-emissions goal, where the platform hopes to output no emissions as a whole by 2030. Christopher Hook, the Global Head of Sustainability for Uber, states: “Climate change is the most urgent challenge of our time, and we must work together in order to tackle it. As we continue marching toward our zero-emissions goal, Uber is thrilled to partner with Ford to provide an attractive and affordable option for leasing a leading EV and help drivers lower running costs and emissions. It’s a win for drivers, their riders, and the communities where they live.” Whether or not the rates are “affordable” or whether or not it will be a “win” for drivers is yet to be seen.

In practice, the prospective lessee would use the Ford Drive app to choose their Mach-E. The car would then be delivered within two weeks from a pool of participating dealers. Through the app, the driver also pays the bills and schedules maintenance for the vehicle.

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