Nomad Atlantic Blue sport strap review: Perfect for summer

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2023-06-01 15:47:40

Nomad’s Sport Strap in Atlantic Blue

Nomad is out with its latest limited edition colorway for its Apple Watch strap, this time it’s Atlantic Blue and is inspired by the colors of the ocean.

Atlantic Blue is the third limited-edition band to hit Nomad’s shelves. Outside of Atlantic Blue, Nomad still offers Marine Blue, Lunar Gray, Ash Green, black, Ultra Orange, and Dune.

The company says the new Atlantic Blue Our is “inspired by the power of the ocean” and is a much deeper blue than the Marine Blue or Electric Blue in Nomad’s color wheel.

Nomad Atlantic Blue sport strap – A tried and true design

The design here hasn’t changed. Nomad is taking an Apple approach and regularly releasing new colors of its popular band without changing the physical design.

Back of the Nomad Atlantic Blue strap

Back of the Nomad Atlatnic Blue Strap

It’s made of a fluoroelastomer rubber known as FKM. This material is very durable, UV-resistant, and moisture-wicking.

There are channels on the underside of the band to improve flexibility and breathability while also allowing water to not get trapped after swimming.

Nomad uses custom hardware for its bands. The buckle is made of metal and has a dark brushed finish.

Hitting the lake with Nomad's Atlantic Blue strap

Hitting the lake with Nomad’s Atlantic Blue strap

The band has a slightly textured exterior which gives a satin-like appearance. Overall, it’s a clean, modern-looking band that we love.

Our only gripe is that the band still has issues when connecting to Apple Watch Ultra. It can be a little fickle and must have it aligned precisely to fit.

We change our bands often, and it’s tedious when the band doesn’t slide on straight away.

Nomad Atlantic Blue sport strap – a striking new color

We’re big fans of the new Atlantic Blue. It isn’t long we go without being near water, and this ocean-like band gives us strong water vibes.

Not only is it inspired by the ocean, but it looks best out there too. Indoors, the blue color doesn’t come through too much and looks far better in sunlight.

Paddleboarding with the Nomad Sport Strap

Paddleboarding with the Nomad Sport Strap

In our sample photos above, you can see that when the strap is in the shade, it looks like a dark grey or black versus blue. The sunlight helps the band pop.

Nomad Atlantic Blue Sport Strap

Nomad Atlantic Blue Sport Strap

Nomad had been on a roll introducing vivid colors but now has returned to the dark ones it is known for. Electric Blue, High Volta, and Ultra Orange are exceptionally vibrant and makes this one feel a bit muted.

Nomad's Sport Strap in Atlantic Blue

Nomad’s Sport Strap in Atlantic Blue

This isn’t our favorite limited edition color Nomad has put out, but it does look great when we hit the waves.

Nomad Atlantic Blue sport strap – Pros

  • Striking new color
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods
  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Water resistant

Nomad Atlantic Blue sport strap- Cons

  • Only available in limited quantities
  • Only available in 45/49mm sizes
  • Finnicky when connecting to Apple Watch Ultra
  • Yet another dark color from Nomad

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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